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What Pen For Lantus Cartridges?

Diabetes Forum • The Global Diabetes Community Find support, ask questions and share your experiences. Join the community » So, I got annoyed with Lantus Solostar pens recently, so asked my GP to prescribe me Lantus cartridges and a pen instead. He did this with no problem, but gave me a Novopen 3. Went to use the cartridges for the first time last night, and found they don't fit the Novopen 3...luckily, I try to keep some syringes in the house for when things go pear-shaped! Can someone please tell me what pen I should be asking for? Looking around, I thought an Autopen 24 was the one to go for, but the '24' in its name worries me - I take 26 units at night - does the 24 indicate the number of units the pen will dispense in one go? Continue reading >>

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  1. NannyMommy

    I had GD with DD 2 years ago. I too tested 4 times a day and did 4 shots a day. Protein doesn't have to be meat, though. I used peanutbutter and cheese as my snack proteins. I also used peanutbutter on toast for breakfast when I didn't have time to do eggs. Another good snack is to mix yogurt & cottage cheese together. And if you're not allergic to tree nuts you have even more options. I just failed my 1-hour test by 7 points & will go take the 3-hour on Wednesday. I'm hoping to avoid all of this again.

  2. Nelli2nini

    Been there done that and doing it again!! I test 8 times a day and am on 3 different insulins , my insulin is before supper , before bed and one at 4 in the morning, I eat lots of protein and low carb, my snacks are yogurt with low carb cereal, cheese with low carb crackers, veggies with cheese ,penut butter etc, all my meals are protein! I developed GD with my son at 26 weeks , was serious but wasn't as strict and he developed some complications that could gave cost h his life. This time I developped it right away, started insulin at 16 weeks and am being sooo strict , my blood levels are really good and I hope it continues. My doctor told me it's gonna get harder as weeks progress due to hormones( I'm 25 wks) good luck and if u need support I'm here!!!!

  3. adolle

    I'm just frustrated I guess. I don't know how to easily work my schedule around all of this. I've had to cancel on people at the last minute for things like movies because I cut into the time I should have a protein snack and I'm having a hard time testing and doing the shots in the middle of my job, which is real estate so I'm in and out of the office all day with clients. I know there are a lot of people out there that have had to deal with this but everytime I look online, there's not a lot of things written about going on insulin...just good diets. I try to talk to my friends and I get bad responses like anything from "oh well..you have to do what's good for the baby" to "my friend had that and all she had to so was watch what she ate...is your doctor sure about this?" I just feel so alone in this mess. Thanks for responding...I was starting to think I was the only one and it's good to know someone else knows what it's like.

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