0.2 Cc Of 100 Unit Cc Of Insulin Equals

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9.6 Ml

Liquid Dosage Calculations The concentration of medication in a liquid solution or suspension is expressed in mass/volume (such as milligrams per milliliter) . Orders for liquid medication, however, are expressed in mass (milligrams, for example). Suppose the dosage ordered is 500 mg and the available concentration is 2.50 mg/ml. Our usual set-up for dosage calculations would be: The problem that the dosage on hand is expressed as a concentration — mg/ml. But we need to flip over the expression. That is why the boxes above show instead of . So the procedure is correctly expressed with the Dosage on Hand term flipped over. And now the mg labels cancel out perfectly: 200 ml is required. Note The previous example shows how proper dimension-analysis procedures can tell you when you are making a set-up error. This feature helps prevent math errors. It can save your reputation ... and even a life. Example Complete the math: Result: 21.4 ml Cancel the labels: Complete the math: Result: 0.08 ml or 80 mcg Here is how you would actually work such problems for exams or on the job. Dosage Ordered: 400 mg Stock Available: 500 mg/L Answer: 0.8 L or 800 ml Liquid Dosage Drill Work with this dri Continue reading >>

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  1. lisamc1RN

    Recently at one of our clinical facilities, a seasoned nurse made a huge mistake. She drew up THREE insulin syringes and administered them to her patient. She misread the doctors orders. The patient nearly died. The hospital had to run glucose on her all night. Our instructor said that the nurse got distracted by other residents and aides, people asking her questions, etc. She didn't follow the policy of going into the med room to draw up the insulin and she didn't get it double checked. She lost her job. It sticks in my mind and reminds me that no matter how much experience I get, I will always be a fallible human being, so I'd better always practice safety and follow policy! It sounds like this guy has yet to realize this. He's only human, and humans make mistakes.

  2. nursenatalie

    Was the instructor drawing up regular insulin and lantus? There are times when you have to give two sticks

  3. CoffeeRTC

    In LTC it would be very difficult to get a second check. Many times you are the only nurse on your floor or unit..I have 8 diabetics on my hall now so leaving the floor isn't an option. If another nurse is handy I do try to get one to go over meds that I havent given in a while.

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