How To Reduce Urine Sugar Level

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Best Natural Ways To Control High Blood Sugar Quickly

Lack of physical labour, mental work pressure, stress, faulty lifestyle and wrong dietary pattern are some of the factors that spike the levels of blood sugar. Blood Sugar can be controlled, managed and prevented to a larger extent through alternative medicine. Blood sugar signs The main symptoms of it are: Concentrated urine Frequent urination due to more sugar in the blood. Frequent hunger to cope with high sugar Unquenchable thirst Dryness in the skin Eyesight problems Feeling of tiredness and weakness Delay healing of wounds Itching in the body, especially in the genital organs Weight fluctuation Drowsiness and low sexual urge Blood sugar reasons There are many causes and factors associated with it Hereditary & genetics Nutritional deficiency Obesity and fat distribution Sedentary lifestyle Stress, tension and worries Excessive use of alcohol Insulin deficiency and resistance Hypertension Increased cholesterol level Diet rich in carbohydrate and fat Excess intake of oil and sugar High blood pressure Removal of the pancreas by surgery Tests and Diagnosis Fasting Plasma Glucose (FPG) test Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) Random Plasma Glucose Test Finger Stick Blood Glucose Gly Continue reading >>

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  1. indymlb

    Fast Treatment for Low Blood Sugar

    I know there are a million ways to treat low blood sugar…but what works the FASTEST? How long does it take you to recover from low blood sugar? I have run into going from low blood sugar to high blood sugar after treatment because I still feel the effects of low blood sugar. When I'm back to normal but still feel low I end up overdoing it on treatment. Or my sugar ends up too high before my next meal. Needless to say, I feel like crap after the yoyo of low then high blood sugar. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

  2. MoeGig

    A Coke is the fastest for me…maybe the caffein has something to do with it, but after many years of experimenting with just about everything..it is definitely the fastest "pause that refreshes" for me.

  3. rmklaus

    I use Pepsi for my crashes. I have crashed clear down into the 40's and half a can of Pepsi will bring me up into the mid 70's in a few minutes, then I eat something protien like Jerkey or something. I also take Lantus 25 units before bed. I think Lantus helps me not to have high sugars through out the day along with my Novolog.

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