Diabetic Ice Cream Recipe

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Diabetes Forum The Global Diabetes Community Find support, ask questions and share your experiences. Join the community Just bought myself an ice cream machine, anyone got any good diabetic recipes? Sounds like a plan Ka-Mon, be interested in any replies, can you not just substitute splenda for sugar? The ice cream maker came with a very small booklet with only about 5-6 recipes. I tried the strawberry one and substituted the sugar with sweeteners, turned out pretty good but all the rest are either with double cream and loads of chocolate which are very high in carbs/sugars. Never made ice cream before so have no idea what I am doing really, thought someone might have a more diabetic and sort of low fat version which I could try. How about a sorbet, I used to love lemon sorbet Found this link for sorbet making in an ice cream machine, Ice Cream.com Hi Ka-Mon. I make loads of ice cream. Good news is, you're wrong! Double cream doeasn't have loads of carbs. ".6 grams per hundred, lot less than milk. So use plenty of cream and don't worry. I substitute canderel for sugar, and often use raspberries for the fruit. Raspberries are pretty low GI so good for ice cream. I've also got a new Continue reading >>

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  1. luvscoco99

    Homemade Ice Creams for Diabetics?+more ?'s!

    Are there any homemade ice cream recipes for diabetics?
    a group member from another group that I am in, thought that there just might be some type of ice creams that you can enjoy even if you are diabetic! and we are talking homemade only....I already know about the splenda ones in the store!
    More questions,....about tofutti..or "toffutti cuties" if anybody knows anything about those,...
    Some extra questions I just happened to think of....what about carob chips? even non-dairy carob chips....and or semi-sweet chocolate chips? DOes anybody eat those? In one of my diabetes groups they always mention the Doves' chocolate pieces...so,I thought that I would ask about chocolate....and what you all might have as either a snack, or a dessert.
    also, one last thing.............try the Nestle's Chocolatier bar...which is in the baking section.... at probably most stores...I found mine in Safeway.
    anyhow, I thought that I would ask for the others in my groups!

  2. cheryl

    i've had tofutti it is pretty good, and carob chips are too my mom eats them not as bad on sugar either.............

  3. Lois

    Years ago when i was first diagnosed, the dietician told me that if I had a craving for chocolate that I should have the carob. At first I wasn't impressed with the taste, but over time I started enjoying it. They also didn't have that much of an effect on my b/s.
    I don't know about the other items you mentioned. Have you tried making ice cream with the splenda instead of using sugar. That is about the only thing I can think of.
    If you do find a sugar-free ice cream receipe, let us know. May want to try it.

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