Why Am I Not Losing Weight On Metformin

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Metformin Hypoglycemia And Weightloss

Metformin has been an absolute God-send to me. I've been taking it for nearly 5 years. Like someone else said, I lost a great deal of weight at first (around 20 pounds). The side effects were bad at first, and I switched to Glucophage but after a while I went back to metformin and had no trouble. The weight-loss is secondary, though. The best part of taking metformin has been the way I feel. I don't carb-crave like I used to, and I don't get the shakes after I eat. My periods used to be sporadic at best, whereas now you can set your watch by them. I highly recommend that you stay in regular contact with your endo, and be patient with the process. "What the mind believes, the body will achieve." metformin didn't really help me lose weight either (sometimes the side effects did though-but that was NOT pleasant!) I'm now on Byetta as well, and I'm losing but VERY slowly, I feel like with PCOS it is just determination and good choices that'll do anything, even when coupled with these drugs.(apparently byetta helps diabetics lose loads of weight) I've gained weight since starting metformin. It could be in part to the bcp they started at the same time but I've been off the pill for over Continue reading >>

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  1. 1049jess

    Just curious to know if anyone has had success with weight loss and Metformin?
    I'm currently takiing 1000 mg 2x/day. I don't know if it's helping my weight loss, but I don't think it's hurting it at all... especially now that I'm limiting sugars.

  2. kaplods

    My doctor told me it might help a little with weight loss, and I think it did/does, but the effect isn't dramatic.
    When my husband first started taking it, it made him nauseous for the first week or so (which isn't a fun way to reduce appetite, but an effective one).
    Neither of us can say what we would or wouldn't have lost without it.
    A while back (but at least a year or two after starting metformin), I had to go a few days without the metformin, and WOW I was a LOT more hungry. I think because metformin tends to level out your blood sugar, you don't get as hungry because the blood sugar drops and insulin spikes are muted as well.
    Just my guess though. As a tool, I think it's helping but I don't think it would do much if anything, if I weren't also being careful with my diet, but hey, every little bit helps.
    Most of my changes have been extremely tiny. So small, that I hardly feel like I've made any, because I made them so slowly. It meant slow weight loss, but I love that I never felt like I was "on a diet" or depriving myself in any way.
    I'm now at a stage where I may have to make more dramatic changes, and I'm finding that more intimidating, but it's all one step in front of the other..

  3. g35

    I was diagnosed with PCOS in 1998 and have been on metformin intermittently ever since. Quite honestly, I have stopped taking it on numerous occassions because it has absolutely no effect on me - weightloss or otherwise. I'm back on it for the umptheenth time, and still cannot tell a difference.

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Metformin And Weight Loss - Weight Loss Alternatives - Medhelp - Page 3

I was prescribed Metformin when I was diagnosed with PCOS.It made me deathly ill... it doesn't effect everyone that way but I know quite a few that it does.I took it with food, before food, after food, with bread, with Tums AND food and on and on.LOLI am now going to try the hcg injection for weight loss as well as the fact that I've read it helps with the PCOS symptoms, excessive facial hair etc. I know one friend that had great luck with losing weight on Metformin.She agreed that the first couple weeks she lost weight because she lived in the bathroom but after that she continued to lose.She accredits a lot of that also to the fact that after her body regulated to the Metformin she felt better and was better able to get some exercise and it helped with the emotional eating she'd done because she began to physically feel better. From my understanding Metformin is not prescribed as a weight loss drug, that is just a positive effect some people see.Metformin is used for the treatment of diabetes and severe PCOS only--just from what I've been told.I would be a little concerned about someone giving you a drug that effects your insulin levels purely to lose weight. However... if it wo Continue reading >>

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  1. piratejenny

    ...or other treatment for diabetes?
    Just got some lab tests back today, and have not been officially diagnosed with anything at this point (seeing another doctor on May 31st)...
    Fasting (over 12 hours) blood sugar was 137
    A1c was 6.2
    I have been low-carbing since late September with a little weight loss (8lbs in 3 months) that I regained when I lost my job in January.
    Just wondering if anyone who has had trouble losing weight before being diagnosed as diabetic had a less frustrating experience after starting treatment?
    Now while I would not be "glad" to get this diagnosis, I would be relieved/hopeful if getting treated might lead to an improvement in my weight & health.

  2. SherriS.

    My Mom has lost 43 pounds since going on Metformin in January. She didn't low carb - just watched what she ate. I even jokingly asked her doc if I could take it to lose weight Now she's off that med and several others but has to watch her carb intake and her blood sugar levels.

  3. DrD

    I've lost now 52 pounds since January through a combination of low-carb diet (less than 30 carbs) and 1000 MG of Metformin.

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Frustrated By No Weight Loss | Diabetic Connect

By Tobiwan Latest Reply2012-03-17 17:01:54 -0500 Started2010-08-09 09:11:00 -0500 17 Likes I was diagnosed Type 2 a month ago and am on metformin and lantus. I am 6'4 and weigh 420lbs and know I have changed my diet and actually exercise but I am not losing any weight. Any ideas why? I have no doubt that I have cut my calories dramatically (you don't weight 420lbs by eating salads!) It's the most frustrating thing for me right now. Sugar is down and in an "almost there" range. I'm currently takiing metformin 1000 2x a day and 30unites Lantus nightly. Please help. I take Lantus and Met also. When I started taking Lantus, I was told by my endocrinologist that it would make weight gain a significant probability. I don't normally have a weight problem, but I did start to gain weight rapidly. I gained about 16 lbs in a matter of months. This is a common but unfortunate effect that insulin has on many. I spoke with my dietician and she altered my diet and included portion control. I have shed most of the extra weight very slowly. Proper diet as recommended by an expert with portion control worked for me. Metformin is known to curb the appetite of some, but in my case, the insulin counte Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. BeantownMatt

    Metformin and weight loss

    newbie question here...
    Recently diagnosed but not on any meds yet. The doc has mentioned first step will be Metformin. I see a few posts of people losing weight. My curious brain would like to hear success stories of people losing weight from it?
    Also, need to read more about this but does Any one have an idea of what the drug does to help lose weight? Is it the controlling of BG that helps you lose? Does it have other affects like speed up your metabolism ( just an example)?

  2. jwags

    Metformin works in the liver and the gut. In the liver it helps stop the liver from converting stored glycogen and turning it into glucose. It also works in the gut, so you tend to feel full sooner. I have to eat very small meals on Metformin. It also causes GI distress in some people. So I think the weight loss comes from eating smaller meals. I lost around 40 pounds over 3-4 years on the max of Metformin. I also was doing very low carb diet and doing tons of exercise. I got back to my HS weight of 110-115.

  3. furball64801

    Met helps many lose weight but also many lower carb intake and walk. It really has not made me lose weight but we are all very different. What Jeanne said covers it pretty well, also when people go on a med and know they are D will make changes and those changes with walking or exercise can cause the weight loss.

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