What Kind Of Food Lowers Blood Sugar

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What Causes High Blood Pressure (hypertension)?

In around 90% of the patients, we just don't know what causes it. So we call it essential or primary hypertension. Secondary hypertension exists, but is much more rare: narrowing of the the renal artery (the one leading to your kidney) - reno-vascular hypertension - around 5% overproduction of salt and water retaining hormones, such as cortisol (Cushing's syndrome=cortisol producing tumor in the adrenals, Cushing disease=ACTH producing tumor in the pituitary causing the adrenals to produce too much cortisol), aldosteron (Conn's syndrome=aldosteron producing tumor in the adrenals), or adrenalin like substances (phaeochromocytoma=adrenalin and noradrenalin producing tumors in the adrenals) alcohol overuse overuse of liquorice obesity drugs such as hormones (oral contraceptives, cortisol like substances e.g. prednisolon), cyclosporin, antipsychotic medication etc. probably stress, since this causes higher adrenalin and cortisol levels. special circumstances: pregnancy. Although in general a high salt diet usually doesn't cause high blood pressure, in societies where no salt is used hypertension does not exist. Although thyreoid diseases are listed everywhere, I myself have never encou Continue reading >>

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  1. Firehawk734

    Does anybody have any experience with Ketogenic Diets and Anxiety levels?
    I've heard that these diets that are ultra low carb most of the time, can increase anxiety levels in people. I started one for about 4 weeks just today, but want to be prepared lol. I assume to expect the worst, like everything else.

  2. mvw

    Firehawk I do not have any experience in diets and anxiety, but I think a diet can create sensations similar to those of anxiety cause of a lack of carbohydrates. In a diet you are taking less then your daily required nutrients. Lightheadedness, feeling faint/weak, shakey ect. So i does not increase your anxiety (I think thats impossible) but it does create sensations which are similar to anxiety. Additionally, it might result in you not being able to cope as well with anxiety, cause you are feeling weaker due to lack of nutrients?? Why are you starting this diet exactly? To lose weight? I am not experienced in diets or anything, but could be nice to discuss it in more detail, as I am also trying to improve my eating habits while doing lots of sports.

  3. Firehawk734

    Nutrition and Exercise is one of my favorite things to discuss and I'd love to tell you any experiences that I have had if it helps you.
    The short story for me is that i was the chubby kid all my life and at almost 35 now, I have lost 141lbs over the past few years, starting at 342lbs (the biggest I knew i was at the doctor, could have been more at some point) and am currently at 201lbs. I've taken my body fat percentage from 50% down to 15% and have sort of hit a wall. I've done multiple diets over this period of time but generally I change things up every now and then.
    Ketogenic diets are used by bodybuilders to get themselves very lean. It's not a diet for anybody because it requires great self control and discipline and it's hard enough to stick with any diet plan let alone one that doesn't allow carbs. But becuase of the nature of it, where carbs are dropped low, and the only carbs permitted are green veggies basically most of the time, it makes the diet very tough. I only want to run it for about 6 weeks and that's primarily why. There are studies out there that suggest Keto diets are used in the medical world, and are being studied more and more, for people with certain kinds of medical conditions, but I don't know all the history on that part of it. Google it and stuff comes up for this.
    I am going to run this diet for probably about 6 weeks or so to see if i can get through my plateau. I hit 201lbs a couple months ago and have been stuck here even after adjusting calorie levels.
    I weightlift 4-5 days a week and do cardio 1-2 days a week. I usually don't take a day off, as I don't feel I need it, but will take one when I feel the need. I just like to make sure I stay active. Being at this for several years now I am pretty in tune with my body so I try to listen to it.
    I enjoy sports as well. I did 3 powerlifting competitions a few years ago, but my goals don't really correlate with that of powerlifting. It's hard to get as strong as possible while cutting because they are contradictory.
    What I'm trying to do is lean out to about 10% body fat, and then start worrying about building muscle mass and strength. I'm almost there, maybe 10-12 more lbs to go, but I have been struggling to get through my plateau like I said, so the Keto diet is a bit of an extreme diet relative to other diets and I figured why not.
    But I had read that keto diets can worsen anxiety levels. And I'm going to go through it one way or the other, but wanted to see if anybody had any info on this. Doing some research yesterday I found that some guys that have panic disorder claim it actually levels them out a bit after the initial week or two where your body adjusts. I could see lightheadedness and other sensations being generated while your body adapts. That makes sense.
    I figure at 190ish I'll be shredded. Maybe 185. We'll see what happens, but I am so looking forward to it. I'm in the best shape of my life and the most active I've ever been. I don't think I've been under 200lbs since birth lol. I was probably in 7th or 8th grade the last time I was under 200lbs, honestly. Like I said, I was the chubby kid from age 7 on. I played ice hockey when I was 7 yrs old, and was in pretty good shape back then but after I got out of hockey I started gaining weight. This was a self esteem issue. I ended up becoming a binger (eating disorder). I still deal with that eating disorder, but I'm able to keep it limited to holidays and other special situations now. A binge day for me is around 12-15,000 calories.
    And like I told the therapist, if I could tolerate puking, I'd stick my finger down my throat, because it takes a good 1-2 weeks to recover from one of my cheat days lol.
    Yesterday I had a few episodes of lightheadedness but they didn't amount to much else than that.

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