What Happens If You Eat Carbs On Metformin

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3 Things You Need To Know About Metformin

September 30, 2015 by Dr. Brooke in Be Better , Eat Better , pcos 3 Things You Need To Know About Metformin Metformin is recommended by doctors for women with PCOS that want to loose weight or otherwise manage their PCOS and insulin resistance. But there are 3 very important things that you need to know about it including the fact that it's not the only option! Let me first say, I dont hate Metformin for women with PCOS . For some women it really does help spur ovulation, control blood sugar and help with some weight management but.its not without its share of issues. And its definitely not the magic bullet for weight loss although its usually presented that way. How Metformin (or its generic form: Glucophage) Works Metformin is typically given with meals throughout the day, or more commonly now the extended release version is given once with dinner or at bedtime. While only having to pop a pill one time per day is always appealing, this once a day dosing (especially at bedtime) is where I see the most problems with my patients. It lowers both fasting and post meal glucose levels by decreasing the glucose absorption in your intestines after a meal; as well as decreasing the amount Continue reading >>

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  1. Fasterer

    I was wondering what your doctors have told you to do regarding taking metformin on Fasting days. Do you still take it?
    I could ask my doctor but scared she will tell me not to fast. I have spoken to her about dieting in the past and just got a lecture on lower calories and more exercise. Which although I know that’s a good idea I have had no succeeded in losing weight with this mentality for the last 10 years.
    I have PCOS and Insulin Resistance. It’s a pretty mild case but it worried me as I don’t want to get diabetes. I am a nurse and I know all about the complications some people get.


    Met does not cause Hypos, to the very best of my knowledge, so it shouldn’t effect you adversely.
    I’m on 1000mg Met a day ( when I can be bothered) and regularly eat under 1000 cal a day.
    In fact, ATM, I’m hitting no more than 800 cal a day…my BG MMOL has dropped 20% in a matter of a few days AND I’m taking my Met too.
    Pls read up on how Met interacts with your liver and you may come to the same conclusion as me.
    I wish you well.

  3. onnecar

    I just checked with my doctor today. Metformin does not cause hypos so can still be taken on fast days. I would probably still take it with food though. Albeit a low cal meal, as you can take it with either a snack or a full meal. As above though, will be checking my levels. I am also on sitagliptin which can cause hypos so I will be stopping this before I start the diet. Also my blood pressure meds as I don’t want low pressure. However that is just me as some people with very high blood pressure may not be in a position to do this.

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