What Foods Balance Blood Sugar?

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Balancing Your Blood Sugar Levels On A Vegan Diet

Getting your blood sugar levels correct can easily be managed through a vegan diet. Alessandra Felice shows us how it’s done… Glucose (the sugar in our blood) is essential to health because it’s required for the formation of ATP, the energy molecule in our bodies, which is necessary for every organ and cell to function. The two key hormones for blood glucose regulation are insulin and glucagon. When blood sugar is high, such as after a meal, insulin is released and helps to bring glucose circulating in the blood from the breakdown of food into the tissues for use and storage; when blood sugar is low, glucagon is released to break down glycogen (stored form of glucose in the tissues), causing the blood sugar to rise again. The body tries to maintain a constant balance between the two to function properly. But a state of continued elevated blood sugar can have a very negative effect on it as the body must release a consistent stream of insulin into the bloodstream to maintain healthy sugar levels. This will cause the tissues to become what is known as “insulin resistant”, due to the constant exposure to insulin, which causes more and more insulin to be released to remove ci Continue reading >>

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  1. Madler


    Hospital diabetic diet strikes again! (i.redd.it)
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  2. TyrionsRedCoat

    Not only is it a carbohydrate nightmare, it looks like prison slop. What is that shit on top of the noodles? Gravy? Or brown tomato sauce? Alpo bolognese, perhaps?
    And the sides? Gross. I mean, peas and pasta is a thing, but only with a cream sauce that contains plenty of delicious cheese. The instant mashed potatoes appear to be here only to add insult to injury as they don't belong anywhere near pasta except when being used to make gnocchi (and when doing that, you use real potatoes, not some reconstituted crap from a box).
    And all this fuckery is served up on a chipped plate, with artificial "butter" that probably won't melt because all that shit is room temperature, guaranteed.
    Never mind the BG meter, this picture caused my WTF meter to redline as well.

  3. MC99

    What is that shit on top of the noodles? Gravy? Or brown tomato sauce? Alpo bolognese, perhaps?
    It's obviously spaghetti tikka masala that OP has been served

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