What Foods Are Good For Diabetics?

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2018 CDL General Knowledge Exam Questions & Answers - 100 Questions & Answers See and meet Barry Branton at https://youtu.be/7V_VBjiSLWE CDL General Knowledge Video Series: https://goo.gl/XWJeJv Short Link for this Video: https://youtu.be/HOFMikRv9Bs Long Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOFMi... Partial Video Transcript: hi this is Barry Branton thank you for watching my video I really appreciate it we're gonna be covering CDL general knowledge questions and answers we have about a hundred questions and answers we're going to go over so let's get started okay thank you so much let's get started going over these questions speed limits that are posted at freeway off-ramps may not be safe speeds for large vehicles or heavily loaded vehicles how do you test hydraulic brakes for a leak with the vehicle stopped pump brake pedal three times and then apply firm pressure and hold for five seconds you when merging with traffic you should use your your mirrors to make sure the gap in the traffic is large enough for you to parmi large enough for you or your vehicle to enter what are some steering system defects to look for missing nuts or bolts or Cotter keys or other parts the amount of space you need to enter traffic is affected by the weight of your load if you are feeling drowsy before driving what should you do get some sleep to make a tight turn with a large vehicle you may have to go slower than many non-commercial drivers would expect you to drive with a pressurized cooling system you should not remove the radiator cap until the system is cool which is a danger when traveling alongside other vehicles your vehicle may be boxed in alongside or between those vehicles when the time comes for you to change lanes how far ahead should you look while driving you should look at least 12 to 15 seconds ahead if you are turning left which lane should you use of to left turn lanes use the right-hand lane what can happen if you do not have enough room for me let me just read that again what can happen if you do not have enough weight on the steering axle it will be more difficult to steer your vehicle when executing a turn why should you look in your rear view mirrors you want to make sure that the rear of your trailer doesn't hit anything as a comer driver what are you responsible for with respect to your cargo you're responsible for inspecting your cargo and knowing that it is securely tied down and/or covered when your speed is doubled how many times more distance does it take to stop your vehicle it takes about four times as much distance to stop when your speed is doubled https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCRNz...

Spicy Food And Diabetes: Diabetes Questions & Answers

Q. I have Type 2 diabetes and I enjoy eating spicy food. However, I want to make sure I am eating only things that are good for me. Is it OK for me to eat chili powder, curry powder, and hot peppers? A. Peppers are a hot topic! They are rich in vitamin C, potassium, and phytonutrients, which help reduce inflammation and protect cells from damage. In addition to adding variety to meals, using peppers and curry powder in cooking provides full-flavored seasoning without using excess salt. Even better, research suggests that there may be health benefits specific to diabetes for the active ingredients in both curry and chili peppers. A major ingredient in most curry powders is the spice turmeric, which contains the active ingredient curcumin. Clinical research has suggested that curcumin may reduce inflammation and protect cells from oxidative damage. These health benefits may protect beta cells, the cells in the pancreas that release the hormone insulin. One research study including 240 subjects with prediabetes treated one group with curcumin supplements and another with a placebo for nine months. The study showed that significantly fewer individuals in the group treated with curcumin Continue reading >>

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  1. krhudson

    Hi Anon, I have to work to keep my weight up now to. I just eat all the things type 1's and 2's should eat which are the lean proteins, veggies, fruits, a lot of salad with chicken in it, low sugar yogurt ( when going for exercise only, has fructose), cheese etc... By doing this and making my portions small and exercising, the weight stays stable but seems close to being to thin which is why I bulk up when I can.
    Your SO also has a carb counting formula right? Be sure he clears anything he does with the DR. first. He should ask the Dr. what to indulge in to get some weight back on. He can also see a dietitian and they will certainly notice he looks thin and have all the choices of ideas. The ones I list works for me and I am on Lipitor to help lower Cholesterol and as a preventative medication for the Diabetes to avoid heart problems as long as possible since that problem can be more common for a Diabetic.
    My Dr. told me to increase fats to a degree (no overly done) and higher calories. If I take my diet and just increase portions it has to be factored into the mealtime insulin dose.
    He can add mixed nuts to the diet. I get them from Trader Joes and they have dried cranberries in with the nuts. Makes for a great snack and has fat. He can have those with slices of cheese in moderation and sliced apples in moderation. Avacodos in the salad is a good fat. If he can fit whole milk into the plan that would be a fat but be sure he watches the Milk portion since it does spike the blood sugar.
    For breakfast, one that would help out for bulk would be 1/2 cup Oatmeal with Milk instead of water with light butter on top and sprinkle some berry granola on it. Make sure he gets a Morning Star veggie sausage for the protein part and add an egg occationally.
    Make sure he is careful with the Oatmeal and that he tests his blood sugar. Oatmeal is not ok for everyone and if he is adding the milk for fat that is double whammey on the sugar content. Usually as a type 1 we can figure out how to get that into our meal plan. Make sure he factors enough insulin for that so the 2 hour blood sugar does not exceed about 160. I am sure he is familiar if he takes Humalog fast acting insulin with meals. If not, what type of insulin is he on? A mix? Or a 24 hour with the mealtime insulin?
    Of course all depends on you SO's overall blood sugar control, dietary habits and exercise plan. Exercise is still good for building muscle and protein also helps with that and weight gain happens through muscle building.
    Let us know how it is going!

  2. krhudson

    Anon, dont't forget he can have olive oils and a tablespoon of a dressing that is higher in fat for a salad. For the dressing though watch out for high sodium or higher sugars. He can also slowly allow for whole grains in the diet and use mayonaisse occationally.
    Just be careful and do not let him fill up on whole grains to much or stuff himself with fats. Everything in moderation and be sure he is testing his blood sugars often to be sure all foods agree with his plan.
    One more thing, 80/20 hamburger, no bun or meatloaf. About 5 oz. with a couple of baby red potatoes with light butter and pepper and the veggies with a salad and rather fat dressing. That is an example of a rather high fat meal.

  3. Subgirl

    I had the same thing happen to me I am 5'10 and was between 150-160 and within 2 mo I went down to 119. I went into the ddoc because I thought I had a thyroid imbalance and found
    out I had diabetes and was put in the hospital for a couple days. I am having a very hard time with controlling what I eat and keeping my blood sugar down. I am starting to learn more about this .. I am not able to gain any weight though.

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10 Worst Foods for Diabetes. Watch More Health Care Videos: https://goo.gl/NH1DXA And Subscribe For Daily Updates. website: https://www.howandways.com/ Follow with Us on Face book : https://fb.com/howandways/ - Blogger : https://www.howandways.com/ - Twitter : https://twitter.com/howandways/ Topic Name: 10 Worst Foods for Diabetes 1. White Bread White bread is a staple in many breakfast menus. It may be quick and convenient to have a slice or two of white bread with some jam or butter before leaving the house. 2. Sugar-Loaded Breakfast Cereals When youre running late in the morning, you may not have time to eat anything but a quick bowl of cereal. 3. Fatty Meats Fatty or marbled cuts of meat are not good for people with diabetes or those at risk of the disease. 4. Soda Sweetened sodas are hugely popular throughout America, but it is a bad beverage choice for diabetics due to the high sugar and calorie content. 5. Canned Fruit Juice Canned fruit juice may be a convenient way of ensuring regular fruit intake, but it is not good for diabetics or people at risk of the disease. 6. White Rice White rice is a staple in diets in Asian countries and very popular elsewhere in the world. But due to being highly processed, white rice can cause blood sugar spikes similar to that of sugar. 7. Potatoes and French Fries Consuming potatoes whether baked, boiled, mashed or as French fries on a regular basis is harmful for people who have diabetes. 8. Pancakes or Waffles with Syrup Though easy to make and tasty to eat, pancakes are another food that people with diabetes or at a higher risk for it should avoid. 9. Sugary Fruits Fruits are generally a healthy option for everyone. Most fruits are healthy for diabetics as well but not the ones that are high in sugar content. 10. Flavored Coffee A normal cup of black coffee with no sugar is perfectly fine for a prediabetic. The problem arises when you go to your local coffee shop and order that large sized Frappucino or white Chocolate Mocha or any other beverage of the sort.

The Best And Worst Foods To Eat If You Have Diabetes

Most of us take it for granted that we can eat whatever we like, although it may have an unwanted effect on our waistline. But diabetics have to be much more careful with what they consume, as their inability to produce any, or enough, insulin, means their blood sugar levels can become dangerously high if they eat whatever they fancy. [Read more: 6 surprising cholesterol-busting foods] [Revealed: Why am I always hungry? 6 reasons you’re feeling starving] However, as World Diabetes Day is marked on November 14, Diabetes UK points out that no foods are totally off-limits for diabetics – they just need to eat carefully. Libby Dowling, senior clinical advisor at Diabetes UK, explains: “If you have diabetes – whatever the type – no food is out of bounds, but you should aim for a healthy, balanced diet, just as everyone should. This is a diet which is low in sugar, salt and saturated fats and includes plenty of fruit and vegetables. “It’s fine to have a treat now and again, but maintaining a healthy diet most of the time can help you to manage your diabetes, and is good for your general health too.” Here are some suggestions for the best and worst foods to eat when you're Continue reading >>

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  1. Leslieluv21

    Does Insulin Cause weight Gain?

    Hello everyone, I hope you all have been enjoying your Labor Day Off or just your day in general :) I have a question for those of you who are taking insulin or have been taking it for a while now. I was put on Humulus - regular insulin and on Lantus - basil insulin. I wanted to know if these insulins cause weight gain. Are any of you on the same insulins as me? Please let me know :)

  2. diabetesfree

    Insulin has definitely caused me to gain weight since I started taking it a few years ago. One reason that has me convinced of this is because of a handful of times there has been some screw-up with my pharmacy and I went a week or more without any long-acting insulin at all. The result was almost immediate weight loss, which ended just as soon as I got back on the insulin. Even though I managed to keep my blood glucose levels pretty low through additional exercise and stricter control of my diet than usual, going off insulin always has the same result for me.

  3. Armourer

    I am one of those who says emphatically yes! I've been on insulin for 6 yrs; humalog (22 baseline, + sliding scale, + carb count). The carb count was added two years ago and for me was the answer to controlling blood sugars (BG). The Lantus is 100 units. In 6 years I've gained 44 pounds. Probably my problem is partly due to not eating enough, I skimp to much usually around 750 cal. and as close to zero carbs as possible. I don't exercise due to two back injuries, so that is part of it also. Yet my doc states that I'm one of those who gains weight from insulin. So beware. I can gain as much as 10 pounds in a week, then next week lose it. 1 year ago the doc added Victoza, a shot every day that is suppose to make one lose weight, say 40-100 pounds in 4 months. Yea, I've lost a whopping 6 lbs! Also FYI, if nobody told you change your injection locations with each shot. Nobody told me to do that. 1.5 yrs later I noticed that my left side had misallocation of fat, i.e., the left was fatter then the right. Bummer, took me about 2 yrs to correct the problem. Good luck! This site is fantastic for knowledge and support.

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Apples Are Good For People With Diabetes

Apples are undeniably good for you—especially if you have diabetes. Fall's favorite fruit has lots of good-for-you nutrients. Plus, research has linked apples with certain health benefits related to diabetes. Nutrition Profile of Apples A small apple (about the size of a tennis ball) delivers roughly: 60 calories, 16 grams of carbohydrate and 3 grams of fiber. It's also a good source of vitamin C. Additionally, apples contain quercetin, a type of phytochemical known as a flavonoid, which is found in the apples skin. Animal research and research using cell cultures have found the quercetin may help to protect against certain cancers and help to kill cancer cells. In a 2015 study in Pharmacognosy magazine, researchers found that quercetin improved glucose metabolism in liver and skeletal cells when studied in test tubes. Apples also contain soluble fiber—the kind that helps keep you full, slows down the absorption of nutrients (such as sugar) into your bloodstream, and helps to lower your cholesterol. In addition to helping to regulate blood sugar and bowel function, soluble fiber is thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect that may help people with diabetes recover faster fro Continue reading >>

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  1. carokaye

    Mexican Food. . .so good but sooooooooo BAD

    Friday night DH surprised me with a trip to a wonderful Mexican restaruant, my absolute favorite food. Had a combination platter, 2 soft tacos, 1 beef burrito and 1 chili relanos, of course it came with refried beans and rice. Although I didn't finish it all, I did put a really nice dent in it. Oh yes, I washed it down with 3 beers, 2 regular and 1 lite. Such a treat!!!!!
    Well, 2 hours after eating BG was 175 - I'm pre diabetic - it has never been that high. I had a little cocktail of vinegar, water and sweetner. Took it again in 30 mins and it was down to 140. I felt better about that and went on to bed.
    Fasting BG next morning was 123, wow not liking this one bit. It's usually no higher than somewhere in the teens and typically below 110. After breakfast 116, I'm feeling a little better but not totally thrilled about the numbers. Ate sensibly for lunch, but dinner was rushed as I was babysitting 2 of my grandchildren. We did a little cookout and I had 2 hot dogs on rolls, and some salad - tossed. Two hours after dinner - 171, hour later 167, two more hours 151. Went to bed
    This morning fasting was 120. Didn't do one after breakfast because we were out running errands and I left my meter home.
    My question, can the effects of the mexican fiasco on Friday still be wreaking havock on Saturday night, or is there possibly something else going on.

  2. Patient254

    I never eat the rice or anything. I go to two Mexican restaurants in Houston. Molina's where I get tacos smothered in queso sauce or Guadalajara's where I get Creme of Pablano soup with shredded chicken and avacado on top. Fortunately, my bg numbers are fine after each meal. This really surprised me, but I'll take it.

  3. Claire Bear

    Hi Caro,
    Could it have been the combination of foods (and beer). I seem to be ok with a small amount of rice but havn't tried tacos yet. I also have friends who say beer wreaks havoc with thier numbers. I stick to red wine which lowers my bg just a little.
    Take care

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