Snack Foods For Diabetics

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13 Snacks For Type Ii Diabetics

Do you or a loved one have type II diabetes? If so, finding healthy snacks can be difficult, especially when trying to control blood sugar. Most snacks are packed with carbs and will send insulin levels through the roof. Not good. The key is creating delicious snacks that won’t cause blood sugar spikes, taste good, and will fill you up. That’s exactly what we did in this short list. P.S. If you’re into healthy eating tools, check out our awesome Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes Magnet and Gluten-Free and Dairy Free Conversion Magnets at the end of this article! . 13 Snacks for Type II Diabetics Popcorn made in Coconut Oil Air popped popcorn made with coconut oil is one of the best healthy snacks for diabetics. It’s high in fiber and can easily be made in about 5 minutes on the stove. Sprinkle a little sea salt on top, and enjoy! Albacore Tuna It depends on your personal taste buds, but for those who like tuna, it makes a truly great snack. The high amounts of protein will also help curb cravings, and the omega-3 fatty acids help to level blood sugar. Make sure the tuna is albacore, and get the organic brand if it’s in the budget. Baby Carrots Simple, easy, and basic is some Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. sabiqismail

    As for your question about severe urination, has your Endocrinologist been told about the issue? When was the last appointment with him/her? Were you told you were type 2 in the office or over the phone? What does he/she want your numbers to be between (100-200)? Have you been drinking more water than usual? If your blood sugars are higher, then the person may drink more water and need the restroom more frequently.

  2. clivealive

    Hi Activity2004 in response to your reply to sabiqismail's question about frequent urination it has become the bane of my life.
    You asked about the endocrinologist - who is that? I've never seen one .
    I was told I had Type 2 after an HbA1c test scored 51 mmol,/rnol (20 - 42) and was put on Metformin 4 x 500mg reduced after 12 months to 2 x 500mg per day.
    I have no idea what the numbers "between (100-200)?" means as I have no way of testing blood sugar.
    I do not drink a lot nor have I increased the amount of water.
    I'm a 75 year old male who's scared to be too far away from a toilet.
    Do you have any further suggestions or advice please?

  3. sabiqismail

    no sir.im really scared..i was leading a happy life.but since 5 days im having horrible life..im just 32..my kid is just 4..and my wife is pregnant..if something happen to me..my family cant survive..

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