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Metformin Hcl? - 3 Fat Chicks On A Diet Weight Loss Community

I'm pre-diabetic, and my doctor put me on Metformin HCL. I take it everyday, and she said it will heighten my resistance to insulin and help me lose weight. Hopefully it will help, because before, my weight didn't budge no matter what I did. ..Does anyone else take Metformin HCL? Have you been able to lose weight? I've taken it. I am PCOS/IR. I am back on it at a lower dose. While it helps some to lose, for me it did not. What it did do is stop weight grain creeping up further, which was a relief. Thanks for the info! I just want to get healthy haha I am on it, but I'm so bad about consistently taking medication. When I was consistently taking it I didn't get that boost of anything that other people talk about. However, what I felt it did do is assist in the weight loss when I actually tried to lose weight. For years anything I did didn't make a damn difference. It was so discouraging. So I gave up for awhile. But then I was diagnosed with hasimotos and then declared to have type II diabetes. I think the hasimotos was a blocker for me. So I'm now on some thyroid medications as well as 1000 mg. of metformin. I feel like I've got as much help as I can get. But the weight didn't just Continue reading >>

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    i was diagnosed with PCOS and taking metformin... im losing 1kg every day. ive been taking metformin for 3days now and lose 3kgs. my doctor prescribed me take metformin for 3months... im afraid that ill become underweight..


    Metformin has done some wonderful things for me but weight loss is not one. My endocrinologist did not want to put me on it since I didn't appear to have any metabolic dysfunction. I asked if I could try it anyway. Two years later the calcified cysts on my ovaries are gone and my body pelt has disappeared in some areas or become very fine. My arm hair is normal now. I have been on birth control and spironolactone since 2001 for PCOS symptoms but I wasnt diagnosed until a few years ago. I just had my 6th month blood work done for my endocrinologist and all my levels were good. Its so nice not to have elevated testosterone and be told its because I am fat.


    Metformin helps you lose weight as long as you meet a certain set of conditions. For example, if you're type 1 and have good blood sugar control, Metformin can help you lose weight. If you're type 2 and you don't have good blood sugar control, Metformin will not help you lose weight (though it will help lower your blood sugar). See here for more details: http://www.bootcampforbetics.org/blog/im-u

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