Metformin For Fertility Without Pcos

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Metformin/glucophage Without Pcos

My doctor wants me to take Glucophage/Meformin as it helps to improve egg quality. I dont have PCOS or anything related to that....and I am wondering if any of you have tried it without having PCOS and have any success.... I've been advised similar treatment for the same reason - my menses have been quite irregular for last few months. Doctor advised me metformin. It's harmless and does more good to you than anything else. It's not a contraceptive pill as well.. so you don't have to worry about your hormones being altered or developing a dependency. Thank you for the reply.....I am relieved to hear that! I dont have problems with my periods...they are like rain:biglaugh But I was worried that Metformin would do harm to a body that is regular since it is being used as an anti-diabetic as well as for PCOS.... Please do keep us posted on your journey and I love your punch line...Stay healthy, stay beautiful! Nice! Vasumathy Moderator Staff MemberIL Hall of Fame I was with Metformin since i had insulin resistance & PCOS effects but periods were pretty regular, say 1-4 days variation.... Metformin won't do any damage, may help us to cope up with insulin resistance, irregular periods & Continue reading >>

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    Does metformin help you lose weight

    I have read several things about whether metformin helps with weight loss or not. What is your experience?

  2. jwags

    I'm on metformin and I have lost weight. I'm not sure there is a direct correlation. Some people claim it does. Some people on metformin get terrible intestinal problems and are constantly in the bathroom. That could be one reason for weight loss. I have never had that issue, but do find it always works better when you are eating low carb. You tend to feel better. As part of a management strategy it may lead to weight loss with diet and exercise. I know lots of diabetics who are on metformin and still quite heavy. So I guess on its own, I'm not sure.

  3. Mands

    Metformin is supposed to be weight-neutral, but a lot of people have reported that it helps them to lose. It could be the intestinal side-effects as Jeanne says. I never took regular Met, I went straight on to slow release when I started it. The only side effect I had was an uncomfortable stomach, but it did affect my appetite initially, and I did lose a little weight. That didn't last long, and all the weight loss I have had since has been down to diet, and more recently Byetta side-effects.

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