List Of Foods For Diabetics

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9 Foods On The “no” List For Diabetics

Photo: Freebase/Public domain Most people with diabetes know that they should avoid sugar, but you also need to be on the look out for carbohydrates and alcohol, which also raise your blood sugar. Below is a list of a few items to avoid if you are living with diabetes. Here’s a basic tip about eating with diabetes: if it’s white, it’s probably laden with carbs, and not something a diabetic should eat. There are now a number of high quality foods available for patients with diabetes, and most can be found in regular grocery stores. Working with a good nutritionist and your doctor can help you come up with a list of foods you can regularly eat, and those that should be saved for special occassions. This category includes bread, bagels, buns, crackers and traditional pretzels, since they're all based on white flour. Processed flour turns quickly to glucose and can spike blood sugar. What are your options? Whole wheat or pumpernickel bread are much lower on the glycemic index. TV15 people have voted onThe Best Sci-fi Shows Since 2015Too Faced falling to #6The Best Cosmetic Brands French fries and mashed potatoes are loaded with saturated fat, sodium, and calories. They also have Continue reading >>

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  1. rbergman

    10 Foods For Every Diabetic’s Shopping List

    The day that you find out that yourself or a loved one has diabetes is a day after which nothing is quite the same again. Diabetics have to manage their disease by keeping a handle on their blood sugar levels; this is accomplished in large part by keeping a close watch on their diet. If you are diabetic, you want to be sure to get plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. There are foods which can help to keep your diabetes under control - these foods should be added to your diet. What are these ten foods? Keep reading this article to find out:
    Two of the best fruits: Apples and Pomegranates.
    While diabetics are often advised to avoid any foods which are white, apples are a notable exception. Their high pectin content is a great help in detoxifying the body as well as decreasing the body’s need for insulin. These qualities make apples a good choice for diabetics.
    Pomegranates are a very popular fruit in the Middle East and the Balkan region of Europe. This is also a fruit which has been finding more popularity in the U.S. and with good reason - studies have shown the sugar that this fruit contains does not have an effect on blood sugar levels. Additionally, diabetics who drank 6 ounces of pomegranate juice daily were found to have a lower risk of atherosclerosis.
    A couple of spices: Cinnamon and Garlic.
    Cinnamon is an amazingly good food for diabetics - it contains MHCP which helps your fat cells to more efficiently do their job of responding to insulin by reducing glucose in the blood.
    Garlic is also very helpful for diabetics. This food can help keep diabetes under control by lowering blood sugar levels.
    Best breakfast food: Oatmeal.
    We all know that diabetics are supposed to stay away from carbs, but oatmeal is a good carb to eat. Just don’t get sweetened oatmeal and you’ll actually be doing something good for yourself. Oatmeal contains a lot of fiber and digests slowly, keeping blood sugar levels stable; this effect has also been shown to persist.
    The best vegetables: Green beans, Spinach and Broccoli.
    All three of these vegetables are high in fiber and they are low in carbs. This makes them the most ideal vegetables for you. You can still enjoy the occasional potato, corn and peas but keep in mind that these vegetables are high in starch, which is a carb. So make sure that you have a nice balance but favor the less starchy veggies as often as possible.
    The must have in a diabetic diet: Protein.
    When you are diabetic you should make sure that your diet is atleast 12% protein and no more then 20% protein. You should also make sure that you if you are having a bedtime snack you make sure it is a protein so that your blood sugar level remains consistent through the night.
    Opt for lean protein sources such as fish, poultry, nuts, soy and lentils. These are the optimum sources of protein.
    There you have it - ten great foods for diabetics to add to their diet. These are all foods which will keep your blood sugar levels consistent, decreasing your need to take medication for your condition, along with keeping your risk for many associated health problems low.

  2. mspiggy81

    Just thought I'd throw the incredible edible egg to the list, good protein, no carbs, Keep some hard boiled in the fridge to grab for a quick snack or a no carb breakfast. Some people tend to be more sensitive to carbs first thing in the morning.

  3. Mrs. Vega

    thank you great tips for us. just getting started with the food management for us both.

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