Is High Uric Acid Related To Diabetes?

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Uric Acid May Help Spot Diabetic Kidney Disease Early

FRIDAY, April 4 (HealthDay News) — Elevated levels of uric acid in the blood may be an early sign of diabetic kidney disease in people with type 1 diabetes, a new study suggests. Researchers at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston noted that increased uric acid levels may appear before any significant change in urine albumin levels, the standard screening test for diabetic kidney disease. In the study, the researchers checked serum uric acid concentration and urine albumin levels in 675 patients with type 1 diabetes. The results showed that 311 patients had microalbuminuria (small amounts of the protein albumin in the urine), an early sign of diabetic kidney disease. The other 364 patients had normal urine albumin levels. While none of the patients had higher levels of albumin (albuminuria), one in five did have some impairment of kidney function. "Our research showed that loss of kidney function takes place even in the absence of albuminuria in patients with type 1 diabetes," study author Dr. Elizabeth T. Rosolowsky said in a prepared statement. But she and her colleagues found that serum uric acid level was consistently related to kidney function. The higher the levels of uric Continue reading >>

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  1. rbsbhatia

    My wife is diabetic since 2009. Her uric acid level is 8.17. What should she avoid eating. What is best for her to get her level back to normal .

  2. tijani1150

    I had high uric acid of 11. From my research it isn't always the diet of staying away from protein foods that does the job. Red meats, chicken, some fish can make it high but doctors say curbing the diet will make it go down about 1.0 so it may be the liver is producing too much uric or either the kidney isn't flushing enough out. Try some natural uric acid controllers to do the job

  3. Naelith

    that my levels are completely normal. I was told in no uncertain terms that I am not pre diabetic, diabetic discuss it with me any ideas what...

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