Is Gluten Free Diet Good For A Diabetic?

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Gluten And Diabetes: The Headlines Get It Wrong Again

Another study was released recently that purports to “prove” that gluten-free diets are associated with increased risk for type 2 diabetes. As with many studies of this type, the findings were misinterpreted but fed into the media’s continual need for titillating headlines. I thought this hubbub would pass by now, but reports about this study (such as this piece of tripe from The Washington Post) seem to be gaining more traction than usual, fueling the misunderstanding and misinformation that plagues nutritional thinking. While I thought this would just pass, it looks like it will not and I’m therefore posting my comments. First, a few words about epidemiological studies of the sort this group used, the Physicians’ Health Study population of health professionals. The participants were asked diet questions, then health status was tracked over several years. Putting aside the imprecision of such dietary recall questionnaires, we know that such studies simply cannot—no matter how large the study, no matter how meticulous the questions—establish cause-effect relationships; they can only suggest a potential association. The purported 13% difference in type 2 diabetes incid Continue reading >>

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  1. lizzistardust

    I posted a while back when I first started Keto, about 7 months ago. I just wanted to update, because I think it's fascinating how great this diet is even though it's drastically different than I was taught to eat when I was diagnosed. I want info like this to be out there when other people with diabetes look into the possibility of a keto diet.
    My blood glucose control is still DRASTICALLY better on keto than off. I derailed for a few weeks, and during that time my blood sugar was pretty awful. I had a doctor's appointment at the end of that derailment, and my endocrinologist looked at my records and said, "You know what to do. Get back on your low carb diet." And I did, and everything was back under control again in no time.
    And yes, my doc is TOTALLY supportive of my diet. I didn't walk in there and say, "I started keto!" but I told her I was eating "very low carb, like phase 1 Atkin's," and she was on board.
    As I've told my doc, I've found how I'm supposed to eat. Yes, I'm slowly losing weight (my keto is slightly "lazy" and I don't usually restrict calories from fat), but it's really about having found a diet that keeps my blood sugar well within the range that's supposed to prevent "diabetes complications" later in life. I don't want to lose my eyesight or the feeling in my feet, nor do I want the significantly increased cardiovascular risk.
    So, instead of the "about 30 carbs per meal" that I was recommended when I was being taught how to control this stuff, here I am eating between 20 and 25 carbs a DAY! And instead of "avoiding high fat foods" (because the combo of high carb and high fat makes for kind of unpredictable blood sugar after the meal), I'm picking out the fattiest cuts of meat and making or buying full fat salad dressings. AND IT WORKS.

  2. bojibridge

    Type 1 diabetic here: I'm sooo pleased with my blood sugars in keto. Really incredible. Best control I've had in 21 years. Nice work!

  3. lizzistardust

    Thanks! And props to you, too!

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