Is Gluten Free Diet Good For A Diabetic?

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The best way to eat on a gluten free diet is to eat unprocessed food. To be 100% sure your food is gluten free is to buy it fresh and make it yourself, because almost many food are gluten free in natural state. Try to avoid foods in a can, unless they are for sure gluten free. Be careful with frozen foods as many of them contain preservatives and gluten hidden within the ingredients. Disclaimer: The information provided by Diet Table channel are for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. Before starting a new diet always seek the advice of your physician. If you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider. Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/dietintable/

Diabetes And Gluten: What You Need To Know

You’ve probably noticed a lot of food packages on grocery store shelves with gluten-free labels. If you have diabetes, you may be wondering if gluten is something you should avoid. Gluten is a type of protein found in certain grains. These include wheat, barley, and rye. Gluten can cause inflammation of the small intestine in people with celiac disease. This can result in symptoms that include: It’s necessary to follow a gluten-free diet for the rest of your life if you have celiac disease. Some symptoms of celiac disease are experienced by people with a condition known as non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS). These people don’t experience the same kind of injury and irritation to the small intestine as those with celiac disease, but gluten intolerance can still cause physical and mental problems. Intolerance to other components of gluten-containing foods — such as FODMAPs, a group of fermentable carbohydrates — may cause physical or mental problems. NCGS can sometimes lead to fuzzy thinking and depression. About 1 in 100 people have celiac disease, but about 10 percent of people with type 1 diabetes also have celiac disease, according to the American Diabetes Association Continue reading >>

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  1. piratejenny

    ...or other treatment for diabetes?
    Just got some lab tests back today, and have not been officially diagnosed with anything at this point (seeing another doctor on May 31st)...
    Fasting (over 12 hours) blood sugar was 137
    A1c was 6.2
    I have been low-carbing since late September with a little weight loss (8lbs in 3 months) that I regained when I lost my job in January.
    Just wondering if anyone who has had trouble losing weight before being diagnosed as diabetic had a less frustrating experience after starting treatment?
    Now while I would not be "glad" to get this diagnosis, I would be relieved/hopeful if getting treated might lead to an improvement in my weight & health.

  2. SherriS.

    My Mom has lost 43 pounds since going on Metformin in January. She didn't low carb - just watched what she ate. I even jokingly asked her doc if I could take it to lose weight Now she's off that med and several others but has to watch her carb intake and her blood sugar levels.

  3. DrD

    I've lost now 52 pounds since January through a combination of low-carb diet (less than 30 carbs) and 1000 MG of Metformin.

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Ask The Experts: Eat Gluten-free For Type 2 Diabetes?

Q: “I was wondering if gluten-free products would be a healthier option for my husband, who has type 2 diabetes?” Narelle, via email A: HFG dietitian Zoe Wilson says: “Being diagnosed with diabetes may mean that you need to change the type of carbohydrate foods you are eating, particularly when it comes to grain-based foods. Unless you are diagnosed with coeliac disease at the same time, however, there is no need to choose gluten-free bread, cereal, pasta or other products. The most important thing is to choose whole grain foods that are low-GI, such as multigrain bread, pasta, muesli or high-fibre cereal. Low-GI carbohydrates are more slowly absorbed into the blood, making it easier to control blood sugar levels and also keep you more satisfied with a smaller amount of food if you need to lose some weight. Unfortunately, gluten-free products can actually be lower in fibre and higher-GI than regular products, so they may make controlling blood sugar levels more difficult.“ Continue reading >>

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  1. ilovemypuppy

    Type 1 Diabetes and Weight Gain

    Hi everyone,
    I am a type one diabetic. I have had diabetes since 2008 and my question for you all is that of, has anyone found that they have gained weight in addition to having bad control and a high A1C? I have definitely gained weight in my midsection and I am wondering if gaining better control and using the pump can help with my weight?

  2. gap2368

    a pump can help with control not sure about the weigh

  3. furball64801

    Its hard to say without knowing how many carbs are consumed in a day. What does your a1c run, for some to much insulin can cause weight gain YMMV.

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Celiac Disease And Diabetes 5-day Meal Plan

Designed by CDF Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Janelle Smith, the Celiac and Diabetes 5-Day Meal Plan helps those with a dual diagnosis of diabetes and celiac disease or non-celiac wheat sensitivity to eat nutritiously and safely. IMPORTANT: Always check food labels to get the most accurate carbohydrate count for dosing insulin. Consult your endocrinologist or certified diabetes educator/dietitian to help modify the meal plan for your individual needs. Monday Breakfast – GF Banana Oatmeal (65 g carb, 452 calories) 3/4 cup Bob’s Red Mill quick gluten-free oatmeal (44 g carb) ½ banana (15 g carb) 1/8 cup walnut pieces (2 g carb) 1/3 cup 1% fat milk (4 g carb) AM Snack – Cheese and crackers (14 g carb, 207 calories) 1 oz cheddar cheese (0 g carb) 10 Crunchmaster Multiseed crackers (14 g carb) Lunch – Turkey sandwich (62 g carb, 459 calories) 2 slices Rudi’s multigrain gluten-free bread (34 g carb) 4 oz sliced turkey (2 g carb) 1 tsp mayo, 1 tsp mustard, romaine lettuce, tomato (1-2 g carb) 1 medium-large apple (24 g carb) PM Snack – Pretzels and hummus (14 g carb, 78 calories) 12 Snyder’s GF pretzel sticks (12 g carb) 1 tbsp plain hummus (2 g carb) Dinner – Chicke Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. livingvertical

    I had been doing a version of the Bernstein method for several years. It seemed to be going well according to my blood sugar but once I decided to ramp up athletic efforts I began to see it otherwise. I am working on a blog series about this (it's all my own experimentation) because I feel like what I will learn as I depart from my "tried and true" methods could be useful and relevant to others.

  2. takes22tango

    The thing about managing diabetes is that there is no cookie cutter best way to do things. Despite what the ADA, or doctors, or the latest fad diets say. All of our bodies handle what we eat differently, and we all have different insulin and exercise requirements. Sometimes our requirements and methods need adjusting as we age and our lives change too. I personally, do well on a low-ish carb diet, but not a super low carb one. I know there are people here who do best on basically paleo, and others who do just fine eating 200+ a day.
    It just sometimes takes some work, patience, and trial and error to figure out what works best for ourselves as individuals. It's awesome you've had success figuring out what works for you!

  3. derphamster

    Doing a lot of exercise definitely changes things up. I say as long as your meter says you're good and you're happy with your hba1c and weight then eat whatever and dose appropriately. For a t1 low carbing helps because of the laws of small numbers but it's by no means necessary. As you have found, sometimes lifestyle means you need big numbers.

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