Is Cla Safflower Oil Safe For Diabetics

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Safflower Oil Could Help Combat Diabetes

A new study in the United States has found that daily intake of safflower oil over a 16-week period could be an effective way to lower the risk of heart problems , and also help prevent type 2 diabetes . The research, published in the journal Clinical Nutrition , suggested that common cooking safflower oil can help to improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels, as well as insulin sensitivity in obese post-menopausal women that suffer from type 2 diabetes . With a greater amount of research now exploring the health benefits of omega-3 fish oils , less attention is being paid to these fats , this timely study comes after another recent report that found safflower oil could lower abdominal fat and increase muscle tissue for this group of women after a period of 16 weeks, as it contains a polyunsaturated fatty acid called linoleic acid. Martha Belury, study leader, commented "The women in the study didn't replace what was in their diet with safflower oil. They added it to what they were already doing." She added "I believe these findings suggest that people consciously make sure they get a serving of healthy oil in their diets each day - maybe an oil and vinegar dressing on a salad, o Continue reading >>

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  1. Grazer

    Hi! I did ask this question earlier, but it never appeared so maybe I did something wrong! Anyway, as a diet only T2, I'm about to have my first Hba1c test since diagnosis. All my reading on the subject tells me that fasting is not necessary for this test as it's an average over 3 months. I checked with my surgery, but the specialist diabetes nurse told me I must fast for 10 hours before the test. I queried it, but she insists dieting is needed before a Hba1c. Is she right?? If not, how can a specialist in the subject be wrong like this? Your views would be appreciated.

  2. louiseb

    my GP told that fasting was not necessary for HBA1C this gp is diabetic specialist in my practice.
    however if these blood tests are being carried out prior to an appointment at the diabetic clinic there might be alot of bloods being taken not just HBA1C maybe a fasting glucose, cholestral etc and the nurse would want you to fast for this.
    anyway if I were you I would just follow the instructions you were given.

  3. Grazer

    Thanks louiseb, think I'm only getting Hba1c but I will fast in case!

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