How To Gain Weight For Diabetics Type 2

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Tips To Gain Weight

Save for later If you have diabetes and you’re underweight or struggling with your appetite, it’s important to eat the foods you like rather than being too restrictive with your diet. This may mean eating foods that are higher in fat and calories. Speak with your diabetes team to review your medications and talk to a dietitian to help you make any changes. Do you want to put on weight? These are some of the things your dietitian may suggest to help you gain/maintain your weight. Eat smaller meals, more often. You’ll find this easier than eating three large meals and it will also help increase your appetite. Use full-fat dairy products like milk, cream, cheese and yogurt. Add unsaturated fats to your food where you can in foods such as avocados, nuts and seeds, and spreads and oils, including olive, rapeseed, sunflower and peanut. Unsaturated fats are still high in calories, but better for your heart than saturated fats. Serve vegetables with melted butter, spread or grated cheese. Add cream or full-fat milk to foods like mashed potato or soups. Have nourishing drinks like smoothies and milky drinks. Add powdered milk to cereals. Nutritional supplements, in the form of food or Continue reading >>

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  1. uttam

    how to gain weight ..type 2

    Hi everybody..
    Here in forum i saw everybody decreasing their weight but I want to gain weight 5 to 6 kgs but since i was dx type 2, 3 months ago i am fixed on 51 kgs. my dietitian says i am under weight and have to gain 5 to 6 kgs. she gave me 2200 kcal meal plan but still i am fixed on 51 kg. my friends make fun of me as i am too thin.
    when i talked to my doc regarding weight gain she suggested me to go on insulin but i really don't wanna go for it as my last a1c is 6.3 ( checked last week)
    does any of medicines i am taking disturbs to gain weight ?
    Thanks in advance
    29 years old male..
    dx type 2 in nov 2011..
    Metformin 500mg twice a day
    Gliclazide 80 mg twice a day
    Acarbose 25 mg twice a day
    Multi vit twice a day
    Pregabalin 75 mg at bed time
    diet=low carb high protein
    exercise= 1 hour walk daily
    last a1c = 6.3

  2. Shanny

    Your low-carb/high-protein diet may be sabotaging your weight gain . . . would be much better if you used low-carb/high-FAT instead. The more natural fats you can use, the better will be your diabetes AND your weight gain - fats are very dense in calories.

  3. jwags

    A couple of thoughts here. Have you been tested for LADA? If not ask your doctor for a GAD 65 Antibody test. Many times people are dx'd as type 2's when they really are 1.5's. Higher bgs will usually contribute to weight loss , sometimes. As far as regaining weight, if your bgs are in a good range then you need to increase food intake and possible decrease exercise a little. Since you are watching carbs I would suggest increasing fat and protein. Swap your protein to mostly beef. I would up the calories up a little more. I am in more or less of a maintenance diet and eat around 2000-2200 calories most days.

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