Glucose Foods Vs. Fructose Foods

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Is Sugar From Fruit Better For You Than White Sugar?

Shutterstock By YouBeauty.com We Asked: Joy Dubost, R.D., is a nutritionist, food scientist and a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The Answer: Whether it’s in a piece of fruit, your soda or a pastry, sugar is made up of the same two components: fructose and glucose. The molecular structure and composition of sugar molecules is the same no matter where they come from. The ratios of fructose and glucose are pretty much the same in both fruit and table sugar. Most fruits are 40 to 55 percent fructose (there’s some variation: 65 percent in apples and pears; 20 percent in cranberries), and table sugar (aka sucrose) is 50/50. Neither type of sugar is better or worse for you, but your body processes them differently. Fructose breaks down in your liver and doesn’t provoke an insulin response. Glucose starts to break down in the stomach and requires the release of insulin into the bloodstream to be metabolized completely. More from YouBeauty: The Lower Sugar, Younger Skin Diet Fructose, Glucose and Weight Gain Top 10 Sugar Foods (And Secret Sugar Foods) Don’t get the idea that because the sugar composition is the same in fruit and cake, they’re interchangea Continue reading >>

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  1. busymomathome

    I am a pre-diabetic with polycystic ovarian syndrome for 9 years now and I take 1000mg glucophage ER twice a day. My PCP recently insisted I start checking my blood sugars as I have gained 30 pounds in about 4 months.
    What I have discovered is my sugar actually decreases consistently AFTER I eat. Just this evening, my sugar was 107 before I ate 4oz of roast beef and small amount of veggies. It dropped to 89 15 minutes after I ate and was still 89 after 1 hour. It took two hours to come back up to 108 and at 2 1/2 hours it's back down to 88. This is bizarre to me and I'm wondering if this has any connection to the ridiculous weight gain. Any insight would be so very appreciated!
    I want to be clear...the blood sugar NEVER goes up. I checked it every 5 minutes for the first hour and then every 15 for the next two hours. It reached 108 at 2 hours and at 3 hours it's still at 88.
    I'm wondering if the metformin in not the right drug and if maybe I should be on something that actually blocks the high insulin instead??? any thoughts??

  2. 92261

    busymomathome: Why are you taking the metformin if your sugars are low? That doesn't make sense to me. You could have reactive hypoglycemia too. The weight gain could be connected especially if the lows need to be treated with sugar. You should also have your thyroid checked because hypothyroidism can cause weight loss. Take a look at the hormones. Insulin is a hormone too. They're all related and where you have PCOS it could be hormone imbalance.

  3. busymomathome

    thanks for the response
    I take the metformin because my insulin levels are very high and what I'm learning is my sugar might not be going up is because the insulin level is STILL too high even on all this metformin. My sugar never gets below what it should..the lowest reading I've had is 72. I should have been more specific. My sugar can start at 99 before I eat and it will drop into the 70's-80's for hours and never go up to or above that 99.
    You are right...most of my other hormones are out of whack. I take aldactone to keep my testosterone down and I use progesterone cream 3 weeks out of the month to balance my high estrogen.
    The way I understand it is the high insulin is what causes the tremendous weight gain and inability to lose the weight. My thyroid has always been normal and it's checked twice a year.

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