Gestational Diabetes Chinese Food

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Eating At Restaurants With Diabetes

How to keep your blood sugar in check when dining out. By the dLife Editors Going out to eat is fraught with challenges for people who need to watch their blood sugar. There’s the giant portion size issue, the unknown ingredients, and the “special-occasion effect.” That’s the way we tell ourselves it’s ok to make unhealthy choices on special occasions. Our idea of what constitutes a special occasion is pretty subjective. Here are some tips on making d-friendly choices in restaurants, by type of cuisine. What to Order at Italian Restaurants Italian restaurants can be full of high-carbohydrate foods like bread, pasta, pizza, risotto, and gnocci. Many of these combine refined carbs with processed meats like sausage and pepperoni, and batters or breading (think eggplant Parmesan or fried mozzarella). Things you can do: Ask your server to skip the bread basket for your table. If you’re going to splurge and have pasta, ask for it as a side dish and don’t eat more than the size of your fist. That’s one cup of pasta, or about 45 grams of carbohydrate. Order unbreaded chicken or veal baked with sauces like piccata, marsala, puttanesca, francese, or cacciatore. Other good cho Continue reading >>

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  1. 2ndtimemumma

    ordering Chinese food with gestational diabetes

    I have just been informed we are going out for a Chinese meal tonight but problem is I have gestational diabetes I need some suggestions on what to order and how much to eat if you have any ideas that would be great TIA

  2. FirstTimeMummy2012

    Hopefully this helps you some:
    I would stick to vegetables and plenty of them and maybe some chicken or beef? Stay away from fried .. just a suggestion

  3. Penny88

    I had GD and worked in a course restaurant so I asked my dietician. She told me to stay away from the sweet sauces, have a dish with lots of veg and substitute the rice for noodles if I could as the serve size for noodles is bigger and better for you than jasmine rice. Just make sure they are egg noodles not rice noodles. Enjoy your dinner!
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