Does Metformin Increase Fertility

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How Long Does It Take For Metformin To Work For Conception?

Metformin, also known as Glucophage, is a medication that is used to regulate the levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood. Metformin accomplishes its task through three methods. First, it causes the liver to produce less glucose. Second, metformin helps your stomach to absorb less glucose from the food that you eat. Finally, metformin improves the efficiency of the insulin that the body produces, which reduces the amount of glucose that is in your blood. Metformin is often prescribed for people with Type II diabetes. How long it takes Metformin to work depends on the reason that a woman is taking metformin. If a woman is taking metformin to regulate her blood sugar, metformin typically will work within a few days or a few weeks at the most. For the woman with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) metformin can help to reduce the amount of insulin in the body. Once the insulin levels are under control, many women will then experience improved ovulation. If metformin is going to work for a woman who has experienced fertility problems because of her polycystic ovarian syndrome, it will typically help within three to six months. Unlike most fertility treatments, metformin does not cause a Continue reading >>

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  1. m

    How long were you on metformin????

    How long were you on metformin????

  2. MaybeBaby11

    Hello I'm 27 and have been TTC for 14 months and have PCOS...I have been on metformin 500 mg for 60 days. I'm currently on my two week wait... So I will let you know if it works.

  3. KNW09

    I sure would like to know the answer. I took this month and it did nothing for me from what I could tell. This was the first month though. It's good to hear it might take three months because I was thinking about not refilling my prescription but now I guess I will. I was really hoping it would help shorten my cycles. I'm on cd 48 and I never even got a pos opk or temp rise. I dont think I ovulated :(

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