Does Diabetes Affect Fertility In Males

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Diabetes Linked To Male Infertility

UK scientists have discovered that DNA damage in the sperm of diabetic men is higher than in the sperm of men who do not have diabetes. They suggest this may make diabetic men less fertile. You can read about the study in the journal Human Reproduction. The researchers, led by Dr Ishola Agbaje, a research fellow in the Reproductive Medicine Research Group at Queen's University, Belfast, compared the quality of the sperm from diabetic men with non-diabetic men by examining nuclear and mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) . The participants were 27 diabetic men whose average age was 34 and 29 non-diabetic men whose average age was 33. The results showed that: -- Semen volume was lower in diabetic men compared with non-diabetic men (2.6 and 3.3 ml respectively). -- But sperm concentration was not significantly different between the two groups. -- Total sperm output, form, structure and "motility" (ability to move) were also largely the same in the diabetic and non-diabetic men. -- The nuclear DNA in diabetic men's sperm cells was more fragmented than that of the non-diabetic men (52 per cent versus 32 per cent). -- There were more deletions in the mitochondrial DNA of diabetic men's sperm cells Continue reading >>

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  1. Crysdd

    HI All! My name is Crys(sounds like Chris), and want to give a little back story on my son Levi.
    He's 3 1/2 and has a fraternal twin brother Cooper. =) When he was 3 months old he had 1/4 of his intestines removed due to a condition called Meckel's Diverticulum-a pouch on his intestine that got stuck to his belly button and it obstructed food/blood to go through. We eneded up having emergency surgery to have it removed. Well that resulted in him having short gut syndrome. So he has chronic diarrhea because of that.
    Well lately he has been going more frequently and is begging for something to drink. I'll give him an 8 oz cup of watered down juice, and then he ask for me, I give him another 8 oz of water, and then wants more right away. So this in turn is making him go to the bathroom more, and him getting up in the middle of the night.
    Well we were at a sick visit a little over a month ago and I asked the Pediatrician what she thought it could be, well she said to ask the GI doc since we were going to see him at the beginning of October. She wasn't sure if it was due to the short gut or not.
    So we had our appointment on October 1st and he wanted to check his A1C levels to make sure everything was okay, so we took them and got a phone call back to say they were high( I unfortunately don't have the number for that) and we needed to do a fasting draw in a couple weeks.
    So we had our fasting draw on Saturday the 25th, and got a call back from the GI doc saying that his tests were still high, and we needed to call the Pediatrician and get something set up with an Endocrinologist, it said it was 5.7, from everything I read it seems borderline, and it's not full on diabetes but it's pre-diabetes, and from what I've been reading it's saying pre-diabetes is an onset for type 2.
    He's 3 years old, and he's not overweight at all. So I'm just waiting on a phone call from the pedi to see what the next step is. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. rubidoux

    Well, first, he is so adorable!
    I don't think you're dealing with t2 here, most likely. If he's got diabetes, it's probably t1 and "pre-diabetes" doesn't really apply. I would think the next step would be to do a blood test to see if he's got the antibodies associated with t1.
    I sure hope it turns out to be nothing, though. It sounds like he and you already have a lot to deal with. Please let us know what the doc says/does.

  3. Ela

    Hi Crys and welcome to the forum!
    What a cutie pie your son is!
    I'm not familiar with the short gut syndrome but other than that hate to upset you, but it's more likely that he is Type 1. 5.7 IS on the border but it's possible that he just developed this and result is skewed somewhat. Your doctor should do more tests though and hopefully it's nothing.
    Good luck and hugs!

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