Diet For Reactive Hypoglycemia

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& Low Blood Sugar

Where can I find a dietitian who works with hypoglycemia? I need to get in contact with a nutrition practitioner in Norway, who have experience working with hypgglycemia. Do you know anyone or anywhere to contact? Thanks. Thanks for the groovy webpage, but I'm looking for a diet for "reactive hypoglycemia". I couldn't find anything on your site using my "find" feature. Do you know where one goes for that information? Thanks I'm also recently diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia. (Although I think I've always been hypo as I used to faint a lot as a child). I've been getting so much strange advice lately that am totally confused. This is what I do know now: (please tell me if I'm wrong) Ketosis is BAD - they kept telling me to go buy ketone strips to check my urine to make sure it's Positive! I now know the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates. (I think.) My diet should be 1,470 calories a day according to you're Healthy Body Calculator. I'm twenty pounds over weight. I should eat at least 100 grams of carbs a day. If I start to crash, eat protein. Stay away from simple sugars. To eat a high protein diet 50% of my total caloric intake. Now here comes the confused part: Continue reading >>

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  1. fieryred0424

    Hello all! I have been on here for a while and have lost a decent amount of weight...however I feel like I am not taking care of myself. You see, I have reactive hypoglycemia, and I struggle daily with the crashes of blood sugar. I was wondering if anyone else on here who has this condition would be willing to give me examples of their daily food intakes and maybe add me as a friend so that I can really work harder on taking care of myself. This site isn't just about losing weight. It's about being healthy. I think one of my greatest struggles with this is that I am a working mother to a very vibrant/energetic girl and my husbands works...ALOT... so it leaves a lot on me to do. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  2. ahviendha

    hey there, i may be able to help.
    i was officially diagnosed when i was about 17, but didn't notice the effects of the condition on my body/energy levels till i was about 20 (being a teen, right?! immune to everything)
    it was really bad when i was overweight, but since i've lost 50-60lbs i'm able to go longer without food and be less crabby when i am hungry.
    you can PM me with specific questions if you want, or friend me good luck

  3. BeingAwesome247

    My mom is hypoglycemic....I'm not just to note
    Would it help to space your food out so you're eating smaller but more frequent meals to keep from crashing?

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