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For people with type 2 diabetes, controlling blood sugar levels by including snacks in their daily schedule can help prevent unwelcome – and unsafe – lows. An ideal diabetic snack should have a good mix of protein, carbohydrate, fat and fiber. If you’re looking for an interesting, diabetic-friendly snack to add to your rotation, then here is one that is well worth considering. Odd couplings using savory and spicy flavors in unexpected places are trendy these days, from pairing sea salt with chocolate and caramel, to sriracha-flavored popcorn and almonds. Dried legumes eaten as snacks is also trending, although the idea has deep Mediterranean roots, particularly for chickpeas. I first encountered the surprise of roasted chickpeas for munching at a Middle Eastern grocery store on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. In the 1970s, a gang of us – single and adventurous – were regulars at the Lebanese, Yemeni and Turkish restaurants lining Atlantic Avenue. After feasting on grilled kebabs, baba ganoush and warm pita, exotic eating at that time, we wandered into one of the neighboring food stores, drawn by the fragrant aroma of cumin and coffee beans wafting from its narrow a Continue reading >>

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  1. diabeticdiva

    Very, very scared to take Metformin

    I got my scripts last week...Metformin 500mg 1xday, 81mg aspirin, Bupropion 150mg(for smoking). So I am told I can start taking everything now. Told a friend about the side effects and she suggested starting 1 med at a time, so I could distinguish which effect is coming from which med. Now after reading about all side effects I decided to go get some cinnamon, garlic, cranberry & COQ10 suppements and started those today to strengthem my immune sysem and organ functions($45 that I struggled to spend). I am scared because I haven't had an organ function blood test on my liver & kidneys...that will be done tomorrow and results in by my next appointment March 3. March 3 is when my Dr. wants to do more BG and gluose tolerance testing and send me to diabetes educator. Last week, per Docs intructions, I bought a tester kit and logged my foods & BG #s. This week I am suppose to do the same except start taking the Metformn too.
    Shouldn't my liver/kidney testing be done BEFORE I start Metformin?? Since on the aspirin, the clinic says my BP seems more stable and my EKGs were good. However, I continue to occasionally get the sight pain in the left chest area. I am so scared of medications and side effects. Wish I knew about the side effects while I was at the DOcs, but she only mentiond gas, a little nausia and dizziness. To add to it, I haven't been eating well past few days. THIS STINKS!

  2. AhmedRamses

    Wow, you have a lot on your plate!
    Hopefully your doctor knows what they're doing! =) You're right in that Wellbutrin and Metformin's side effects have some overlap, so it may indeed make sense to space your starting of both out...

  3. furball64801

    All I can say is I have never had an issue on 2,000 mg of metformin per day and its been years. My labs are great each year with no side affects.

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