Diabetic Meal Recipes

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Top 8 Easiest & Best Snacks For A Diabetic

We all get hungry in between meals. So instead of reaching for those chips and nasty saltine crackers, opt for one of these easy tasty snacks instead. They are all low in carbs and perfectly diabetic friendly – of course! 1. Olives Olives make the perfect snack. They are full of healthy monounsaturated fats and contain all the same benefits extra virgin olive oil offers – the ability to lower blood glucose, increase insulin sensitivity, lower cholesterol, reduced risk of heart disease and just improve overall health. When it comes to diabetes, monounsaturated fats are the best types of fats to eat – you'll also find this type of fat in avocados and nuts. Olives are a great source of antioxidants – vitamin E, flavonoids, and polyphenolic compounds that all reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. Just grab a handful, chew them slowly and thoroughly, and your hunger pangs will soon be entirely satisfied. Nutrition Facts: 10 olives: Calories (Energy): 50g Fat: 4.70g Carbohydrate: 2.80g Fiber: 1g Sugar: 0g Protein: 0.40g. 2. Cucumber Cucumbers are low in calories – being mostly made up of water, which makes them perfect for quenching thirst and hunger. According to Organic F Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Guest jamieileana

    Since i've been so diligent with eating and been taking Metformin for about 3 weeks now.
    Though I am only taking 3/4 (going to 500 mgs in another day or two) of a 500 mg pill and my blood sugar numbers have been even
    in the 80's and very little fast foods, I was blown away when I stepped on the scale this a.m.
    and I have gained two pounds!!!!!
    I thought low carb helped you to lose weight and i've been doing really good at it
    and doing cardio, running even, on my treadmill and it felt good!. Have not been using
    any weights yet so it isnt muscle, I wish...I'm just really bummed to see the scale going up
    or at least if it was the same I would of been happy but nooooooooo...
    I've been active more in the house too, finding projects to do instead of sitting on my butt..
    I dont know happened...can someone tell me what i'm doing wrong please..
    I thought lower blood sugar numbers meant losing weight.
    I've not had a BS in a week over 109 and my a.m. fastings have been 93 to 100 everyday and since I stopped
    taking thyroid pill in the morning an hour later my BS has only gone up 4 numbers, stayed the same and one day
    it was even lower!
    Ok well you get the idea....ive done everything I can to lower my numbers and its working so WOW really bummed
    to see the weight gain...cant imagine why
    Do you think Metformin can cause weight gain too?
    I'm so bummed and disappointed for all my hard work

  2. sweetstar

    I have always been told that Metformin reduces appetite and therefor many taking this drug lose weight.
    You mentioned that you stopped taking your thyroid medication. That may be why you gained a couple of pounds.
    I wouldn't worry too much about 2 pounds. I gain and lose 2 or 3 pounds all of the time. If you are concerned you
    might want to talk to your doctor about it.
    Good luck. You are doing a great job with controlling your BG, so keep up the good work.

  3. jwags

    Metformin usually helps people lose weight, so I don't think that is the reason. Plus you are taking a very small dose. Many people when their bgs are very high will lose weight because the glucose they get from carbs cannot be pushed into the cells for energy. As you get your bg under control more glucose is being pushed into the cells. So if you lost weight initially because of your diabetes you may regain that weight. The other thing may be to carefully look at your low carb diet. If you are eating too much cheese, cream or nuts it could add on the pounds. Everyone responds differently to food. How much weight have you gained and what do you weigh, now?

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