Diabetic Breakfast Recipes Easy

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Diabetic Breakfast Recipes

If a healthy breakfast is what you need to start your day, you'll enjoy our collection of breakfast recipes that are great for those with diabetes. SIGN UP TODAY Continue reading >>

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  1. User25259

    When is Best Time to Take Metformin ???

    My Endo told me he didn't care if I took Metformin prior to, or, following my meals (500Mg). He said to experiment, and as of today, I have yet to find out which way is most beneficial. Also, if I take before dinner, do I take them a set amount of minutes prior to the meal, or, along with the meal. This would also apply to after a meal, Do I wait a set amount of time, or, gobble down the Metformin right after my last bite of tasty morsels of food??
    Your experience would be helpful, as my doctors, and the pharmacy have no real, hard-and-fast rules as to what is the best time to take Metformin.
    Thanks for any of your wisdom and insight. I'd really like to get the most benefits out of this pill.
    Pastor Paul

  2. eggroll8

    When I was on Met, I was instructed to take it with the first bite of the meal. You definitely won't like the gastric results of taking it on an empty stomach!

  3. patalarga

    I take 500mg with breakfast and another 500mg just before bed. I must be one of the lucky ones--I've never had any unwanted side effects from metformin.

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