Diabetes And Low Uric Acid Levels

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Uric Acid Test (blood Analysis)

A uric acid blood test, also known as a serum uric acid measurement, determines how much uric acid is present in your blood. The test can help determine how well your body produces and removes uric acid. Uric acid is a chemical produced when your body breaks down foods that contain organic compounds called purines. Foods and beverages with a high purine content include: liver anchovies mackerel dried beans beer wine Purines are also created through the natural process of cell breakdown in the body. Most uric acid is dissolved in the blood, filtered through the kidneys, and expelled in the urine. Sometimes the body produces too much uric acid or doesn’t filter out enough of it. Hyperuricemia is the name of the disorder that occurs when you have too much uric acid in your body. High levels of uric acid are associated with a condition called gout. Gout is a form of arthritis that causes swelling of the joints, especially in the feet and big toes. Another cause of hyperuricemia is increased cell death, due to cancer or cancer treatments. This can lead to an accumulation of uric acid in the body. It’s also possible to have too little uric acid in your blood, which is a symptom of li Continue reading >>

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  1. mizpell

    high uric acid and connections to diabetes and other conditions

    I'm wondering if any of you have high uric acid levels. I did discuss this with my urologist and he says its often genetic. in researching I found there is apparently a connection to diabetes and high blood pressure.Also a connection to arthritic conditions as a result of calcium deposits in the joints. Gout also may be a result of high uric acid.
    Over the next three months leading up to my next visit to the lab , I will be avoiding foods high in purine which raises uric acid levels such as beer, asparagus, spinach and red meats. I have found a recommendation to drink a glass of water with 1-2 tsp of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and 1 -2 tsps of unpasturized honey once a day. This is supposed to lower uric acid levels. At the very worst this will not hurt and may have other benefits. It also tastes a lot better than just the vinegar. I use a little warm water to melt the honey and then mixI have already found that apple cider vinegar does lower my blood sugar .
    My non diabetic friend swears it has improved his vision over the last 2 yrs but says it must be the unfiltered, unpasteurized kind as any thing else has had the nutrients , beneficial bacteria and enzymes cooked out of it. I do find that the regular type does not have the same effect on my blood sugar although it does have some.
    Any one have any experience with this or any other thoughts on this subject.

  2. CalgaryDiabetic

    I get gout attacks and a prediabetic I know gets gout attacks even thought my uric acid levels are not out of the so called normal range.

  3. mizpell

    I have read that gout does not necessarily mean high uric acid . I dont have gout but have high levels. I do however experience joint pain and ulnar nerve syndrome as well as carpal tunnel syndrome.

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