Conquer Type 2 Diabetes With A Ketogenic Diet

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Should You Go Keto? Intro To Ketogenic Diets With Ellen Davis

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carris special guest Ellen Davis talks about the positive health effects of a ketogenic diet. Ellen Davis is the creator of KetogenicDietResource.com, a website showcasing the research on ketogenic diets. She is a member of the American Society of Nutrition and is finishing her Masters degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition. She recently released the second edition of her ebook titled Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet. She is currently writing several books on treating diabetes with a ketogenic diet. What can a ketogenic diet do for us? How can it switch our metabolism? Would a ketogenic diet help with autoimmune disease? Can you give us a day in the life on a ketogenic diet? Can we jump right into a ketogenic diet, or is it better to take a gradual approach? Is weight loss typical with a ketogenic diet? Once someone starts eating a ketogenic diet, what happens if they deviate from the diet say they are at an event and eat foods that are not part of the diet? What foods are the most important in a ketogenic diet and which foods are avoided? What are some of the most common myths regarding the ketogenic diet that you are awa Continue reading >>

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  1. Mommazita

    Bydureon, Metformin & Weight Watchers

    Yesterday I injected my second dose of Bydureon. Week #1 transpired without any negative side effects. I am very grateful. That said, I did see an increase in my Blood Glucoss (BG) as anticipated based upon my readings here on Diabetic Connect. Still, I am wondering if an increase in my Metforfin might off-set this?
    Currently, along with Bydureon…I take 500 ER of Metformin in the morning.
    Are others taking Metform in Bydureon? If , so…how much and how often… wondering…:-)
    I'm headed back to Weight Watchers (WW) on Thursday this week. I read in the David Mendosa Newsletter that the combination of Bydureon and Metformin has a significnat impact on weight loss. I'm just uncertain of the idea dose of the later…
    I am so willing to work the WW food plan…and I go to Curves 3X a week as well. I am just so frustrated- given my consistent efforts- with such sluggish progess in losing weight. Twiggy shall never be my goal…but gradual, healthy loss remains my aim…

  2. Marvinette

    Just began taking bydureon to treat insulin resistance. I have had two injections. I also take 2000mgs of metformin at night before bed. I dont have any results yet as i dont see my dr for another 4weeks. I do not do ww, but have in the past before meds and not under dr orders. I lost about 30 pounds then gained most of it back, tried again and failed. Then i started metformin and after a while did biggest losers at curves for women where i work out. Got back down to my low ww weight. Then, gained it all back (10 pounds at this pont). Started bydureon to treat insulin resistance. Weight loss i am told will be a side effect. Was told i need to lose 32 pounds in order to stop taking budureon. Not real hopeful and feel like if i stop taking it i will gain back any weight I've lost. However i do know how to eat right i just have to wrap my brain around not going back to old habits. We'll see… Good luck to you on your weight loss.

  3. Lizardfan

    Glad to hear your first week on Bydureon was successful! I do take 2500mgs of Metformin daily, one with each meal and two @ bedtime. The increase in your blood sugars is because it takes at least 4-6 weeks for the medication to *load* into your body. The Bydureon injected subcutaneously makes a small lump @ the injection site, those lumps disperse the meds according to your body and how long it takes for the enzymes and the meds to work. Thus, sometimes it is 6 weeks as it was for me to reach optimal blood sugar levels. So, probably more Met would not work for you, the time factor is just a facet of that particular med.
    I have lost 28-29lbs with WW, gym and Bydureon so I expect you will do well on your plan too. I lost steady @ a 1.50 loss per week and have been at goal for about 8 weeks. Good luck and let us know how you do!

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