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New Study Confirms This Is The Worst Food To Feed Your Cat

A recent study suggests dry food increases the risk of diabetes in cats, including those who are a normal weight These study results are unsurprising to pet nutrition experts who understand the physiology of cats and the problem with diets high in carbs (starch) Cats should not be fed kibble, and calories from carbs should comprise less than 10 percent of total daily calories Kitties should also get at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise each day Despite conventional wisdom, with patience and persistence, almost any dry-food addicted cat can be transitioned to a high-quality canned food or raw diet By Dr. Becker I’ve been shouting this from the rooftops for years, as have many of my holistic veterinary and pet nutrition colleagues, but it’s encouraging to see it appear as a headline on a conventional medical website like Diabetes.co.uk: “Feeding cats dry food could increase feline diabetes risk”1 Actually, my experience treating hundreds of cats over the years tells me there’s no “could” about it — kibble absolutely, unequivocally increases the risk your kitty will develop diabetes. Study Shows Even Normal Weight Cats Eating Kibble Are at Increased Risk for Diabete Continue reading >>

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  1. kittycat

    hello, what is the best canned cat u can feed a diabetic cat??

  2. Julia & Bandit

    There are a TON of choices in all different price ranges and degrees of quality, so the best food is something that is 1. Low in carbs, 2. Something that the cat likes, and 3. You can afford.
    Here's a link to the cat food nutrition charts: http://www.felinediabetes.com/diabetic-cat-diets.htm. There is also this premium food chart, and Hobo's food chart. You just need something less than 10% carbs (but preferably less than 8%).
    Grain free Fancy Feast flavors are all low carb and pretty popular here because they are easy to find and most cats love them. Low carb premium foods like Wellness, Merrick's, EVO, and low carb grocery store brands like Special Kitty, Friskies, and Grreat Choice (Petsmart), are also pretty popular.

  3. squeem3

    kittycat said:
    hello, what is the best canned cat u can feed a diabetic cat?? Whatever brand your cat will eat, you can afford, and can find in the local stores :smile: There is no "best" brand to feed. Price and quality of the food doesn't make a difference to a cat as long as the carb content is under 10%. A diabetic cat can do well on Fancy Feast just as another cat does well on Innova EVO. Julia has already given you the links to the food charts we use.
    Limit seafood to once in awhile meals. Some cats get addicted to eating seafood and won't eat anything else. Seafood is pretty low in protein as well. Anything in gravy/sauce should not be fed because those are too high in carbs. The only time you would need to feed gravy food is if your cat is hypoglycemic.

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