Can You Eat Cucumbers If You Have Diabetes?

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25 Diabetic Foods For Stable Blood Glucose And Overall Health

Sticking to a diet of diabetic foods is one natural way to help manage your condition and feel as good as possible all day long. If you’re tired of the cycle of eating foods that spike your blood sugar levels, this list will help you avoid those foods and crowd them out with better, more healthy choices. 1. Spinach and Kale Spinach and kale are very similar to each other in terms of how they’re handled by the body and the amount of nutrition they provide. Diabetics can enjoy as much of either one as they care for, and there really isn’t a huge advantage of one over the other. You’ll be getting both Vitamin A and Vitamin C from each, as well as potassium, magnesium, and iron. Baby spinach and baby kale are very much alike in terms of usability, each having their own taste which is their major difference. You can use spinach and kale interchangeably in green smoothie recipes, but kale gets the edge in the snack department because it’s so easy to make kale chips that taste great and won’t leave you filled with regret when you’re done snacking. Eating Nutrient Dense Foods If you’re looking for some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet you can’t go wrong with Continue reading >>

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  1. rdy4number2

    My general dr. diagnosed me with PCOS and put me on 1000mg of metformin a day. It just doesn't seem like enough to me. Everything I look at online leans toward 1500 mg a day. What dose do you take??

  2. wishingbaby

    Hi My name is Carla and I am new to this website.
    I too was diagnosed with PCOS. I am on Clomid (50g) and Metformin (1000mg a day). I have been on Clomid since May 2010 and just recently (Dec 1st) was put on Metformin. My OB/GYN told me that Metformin will help get pregnant faster as it increases the chances of becoming pregnant. Hopefully it works because I am impatiently waiting to take a pregnancy test and getting a positive result...

  3. Keableg

    New girl here. I've been diagnosed PCOS and I'm on 500mg metformin once a day, mainly because I have such a bad stomach with it. Doctor has assured me it will still help.

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