Breakfast Recipe For Diabetics

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15 Breakfast Recipes For Type 2 Diabetes

Drop Scones Drop scones, also called Scotch pancakes, are easy to make and perfect for a healthy breakfast on the weekend, or even as a simple dessert. Served with creamy low-fat vanilla yogurt and sweet, succulent berries, they are quite irresistible. Blueberry Popovers Similar to Yorkshire puddings, popovers are a much-loved treat, and the sweet version here is perfect for breakfast or brunch. The batter is baked, and the blueberry popovers are served with sweet, fresh berries to add extra vitamin C. Apple and Hazelnut Drop Scones Drop scones are an almost instant snack or breakfast treat. The thick batter is made by simply stirring together a few basic pantry ingredients, and the scones cook in minutes. Here they are flavoured with diced apple and toasted hazelnuts. Top with a little light maple syrup and enjoy warm from the pan. Breakfast Muffins Muffins are perfect for breakfast, providing the energy boost the body needs to start the day. This particular breakfast muffin recipe is packed full of good ingredients that add fibre, vitamins and minerals, too. Summer Berry Muffins Fresh summer berries add delicious flavour, colour and nutrition to these tempting berry muffins. They Continue reading >>

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  1. deercotn

    Has anyone else experienced weight loss while on metformin? I'm taking 500 mg 3x daily (with each meal).
    I'm exercising but I suspect the weight loss may be largely due to metformin. Anyone else had this happen?
    Why/how does metformin cause weight loss? NO CHEMISTRY LESSONS PLEASE-- just plain language explanations. Thanks.

  2. princesslinda

    It is my understanding that metformin works by helping your body better use the insulin you're producing. Insulin resistance can contribute to weight gain, esp. around the midsection, so by minimizing insulin resistance (by exercise and metformin) you may lose weight.
    I lost weight when first diagnosed, due in part to significant lifestyle changes and metformin. I take 500 mg twice a day, and I don't see the weight loss anymore, probably because I am not as physically active as I was then.
    Glyburide, on the other hand, can cause weight gain. I'm betting that its all the lifestyle changes you made that have made the most difference.

  3. buddy7

    I'd say definitely yes to that, noted in my first year taking Metformin.

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