Best Bottled Salad Dressing For Diabetics

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7 Healthiest Salad Dressings For Weight Loss

7 Healthiest Salad Dressings for Weight Loss Smart Tips for Choosing a Healthy Salad Dressing Salads make a healthy foundation for any diet, but its all too easy to block their nutritional punch by drizzling on the wrong salad dressing and other toppings. At the same time, to keep you in love with lettuce and other leafy greens, you want choices that tantalize your taste buds, says Judy Caplan, RD, author of GoBeFull: Eight Keys to Healthy Living and a dietitian in private practice in Vienna, Virginia. Although its always the best option to whip up healthy salad dressings at home from vinegar, herbs, and a healthy oil , it is also easy enough to find a healthy, tasty store-bought kind if you read the nutritional facts label carefully. Caplan generally recommends buying healthy salad dressings with fewer than 45 calories per tablespoon (tbsp), and measuring your portions carefully, though she'll go above that limit if it's for the right healthy fat. She says it is equally important to watch out for fat and added sugars on the label fewer than 5 grams (g) of sugar per serving is best, with less always being better. Of course, the body needs fat to function, and there are several fat Continue reading >>

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  1. NurseMoJo

    I know keto works for me, I lost almost 50lbs before I met my husband. I know how awesome I looked and felt when my BMI reached 29 instead of 35. Now we are both "fat and happy". BUT I'm the heaviest I've ever been at 255lbs/5'9.5". He loses weight easily, and is already on his way to a healthier weight. He loves me and treats me like I'm the sexiest woman ever despite my weight. I struggle with inconsistencies in my diet because I'm a travel nurse eating what I can, when I can 3-4 days a week. I'm feeling like a lazy ass who comes up with excuses not to get back on the horse. I guess I'm just looking for a sponsor, like an alcoholic needs to get sober, except I'm addicted to carbs. I find a lot of inspiration here in this sub. It'll happen for me eventually. Thanks for listening. :)


    We have all been here so many times. Not just for keto, but for so many aspects of taking care of ourselves. The hardest part is always getting started. We build it up in our heads, and the more we idealize it, the more it becomes an amorphous ideal state that is harder and harder to embark on.
    Start small. You don't need to have the 7-day meal plan and cook your meals in advance. It can help people start strong, but you've already done keto--you know the rules, and you have a good idea of what you can/ should eat while you're on it. Just promise yourself: "Today, I will eat only keto foods. I will not worry about tomorrow; I will just do it today. I will also not worry about macros and tracking, I will just abstain from carbs (except green veggies) and make sure I get more fat." Separate it from "starting keto" and just focus on "eating keto foods for one day."
    Once you do it once, tell yourself the same thing the next day. Just take it one day at a time. Once you get some momentum and a greater feeling of agency, then start to think about how you want to "do keto" (i.e. do you want to add tracking, etc).
    I travel for work, too, and eat out all the time. What really helps me is just focusing on the fundamental rules and not feeling like I have to be perfect to make it work. That and going grocery shopping for things that will fit in a mini-fridge the minute I get to a new place. Convenience bars like Quest bars can also help--some people find it kicks them out of keto, but if they work for you, they are a great defense against the cafeteria vending machine.
    To me, it's not about discipline, although I know that others on this site will disagree. I am terrible about discipline. For me, it's about forming habits. Humans are habitual animals, and we like our routines. The same force that keeps you from starting now out of inertia can be leveraged to keep you going once you have built good habits. I am frankly shocked at how long I have been able to abstain from carbs. But the more you get in the habit of not eating carbs, the less it seems like a choice and the more it's just the way things are. Other people might call it building your discipline muscle, too, but the end result is that the more you can just get started, regardless of how large the change is, the more you are building those habits that will help you make the bigger shifts later on.
    TL; DR: Take one day at a time, and everything gets easier. Don't say: "It will happen eventually." Say: "I'm going to work on building good habits today, even if I'm not officially 'starting keto.'"
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  3. NurseMoJo

    Thank you so much. Do you eat much fruit? I know it's carby. I just dread the carb withdrawal. I remember it feeling worse than nicotine withdrawal. I think that's what worries me the most. Not being able to get through that big roadblock.

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