Why Is Diabetes So Common

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Why Is Diabetes So Prevalent Today?

In the Stone Age, sugar, fat, and salt were in short supply; our bodies had to store them when we came across them. To help ourselves survive, we adapted to hunger for sugars—literally, we craved them. When our ancestors were fortunate enough to find a batch of juicy berries, they couldn't afford not to eat every one in sight, since it might be weeks or months before they stumbled across the next batch. That worked fine back when there were no grocery stores, fast-food restaurants, and pie-baking grandmothers. Now? Our energy-processing machinery is still geared to life in the Stone Age while our energy supply system is 21st Century. Because sugar (glucose) was always scarce, we developed a very efficient metabolism that could process small amounts of food and extract the maximum amount of energy. Today, diabetes is the result of a fundamental mismatch between our ancestral insides and our modern world outside. You: Staying Young: The Owner's Manual for Extending Your Warranty International bestselling authors of YOU: The Owner's Manual and YOU: On a Diet give you all the tools and know-how to stay young and defy the ageing process. Drawing lively parallels between your... Continue reading >>

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  1. Nurul Kabir

    In 2015 there were 1.59 million deaths worldwide attributed to diabetes. Diabetes is now within the top ten killers of humanity which was unheard of even as early as 2000. Why the dramatic increase in diabetics? I don't think peoples life-style changed a lot between 2000 and 2015. What can be the possible reason for such a huge increase. According to stats, in 2016 Saudi Arabia's 17.6% population has diabetes which is soon going to be 20%. Can anybody suggest possible reasons for these huge numbers. One would think that the advancement in knowledge and awareness should have brought down the numbers. But they are increasing in huge numbers worldwide. I wonder why?

  2. Kamakhya Kumar

    People are following the sedentary lifestyle and adopting fast food. I think these two are the basic region of growing number of diabetics. Another important risk factor is Stress, which I think everyone will be agree.

  3. Nurul Kabir

    Yes, Kumar, I agree completely.
    People seem to be up to their nose in stress. Demands of the industry, office and even the schools are pushing the kids to the limits. How can we have a stress free life? Where is the time for cooking? They just grab whatever food is available nearby! How can we really extract ourselves from this mess? I asked this question to someone and his reply was: can you hold, I am busy right now!


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