Why Does Diabetes Happen?

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Diabetes: Basic Facts

What is diabetes? Diabetes is a disease that affects the way the body turns sugar into energy. There are several types of diabetes. How the Body Turns Sugar into Energy The food we eat is made up of three things. They are carbohydrates (CAR-bow-HIdrates), which are sugars and starches; protein (PRO-teen); and fat. When we eat, a healthy body changes all of the carbohydrates and some of the protein and fat into a sugar. This sugar is called glucose (GLOOcose). From the small intestine, glucose moves into the blood. From the blood, glucose then moves into the cells of the body. The sugar we call glucose is the fuel, or energy, that the cells of the body need to do their work. Near the stomach is an organ called the pancreas (PAN-kree-us). The pancreas makes insulin (IN-suh-lin). Insulin is a hormone. When we eat, the sugar level in the blood goes up. The pancreas puts out more insulin. The insulin helps move the sugar out of the blood into the cells. The cells use the sugar for energy or store the sugar for use later. What happens when you have diabetes? When you have diabetes, your body either doesn’t make enough insulin or doesn’t use the insulin properly. Sugar stays in your b Continue reading >>

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  1. Terry4

    Due to my recent move, I'll be nine months between endo appointments and the A1c check that accompanies each visit. I'm not the biggest fan of the A1c number since it doesn't reflect BG variability and can hide a lot of hypo- and hyper-glycemia. I consider time in range the ultimate diabetes statistic.
    Having said that, I'm still a data-nerd and I was curious how my A1c was doing during this longer than usual doctor break. So I purchased a ReliOn A1c kit. The directions were easy to follow and the number it gave me is where I feel my average blood glucose resides right now. Here's a photo of the result:
    My DexCom Clarity 90-day report gives me an estimated A1c of 5.8% so I'm glad to see confirmation of that number.

    Anyone else have any good or bad experience using this kit?

  2. ccc

    I used them a couple times years ago and found the results to be in line with the lab's.

  3. Terry4

    Thanks for the feedback. My lab tests have generally run up to 1% higher than my DexCom Clarity estimated A1c.

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