Why Does Diabetes Cause Blurred Vision?

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Blurry Vision And Diabetes: What's The Connection?

Blurry vision is being unable to see the fine details. Another way of describing it is seeing a lack of sharpness. Blurred eyesight is similar to seeing things as if they are in the out-of-focus parts of a photograph. The blurriness can be subtle or obvious, can change through the day, and can come on slowly or quickly. It depends on the cause. Diabetes can cause blurry vision for a variety of reasons. Both short-term and long-term complications can affect the vision of someone with diabetes. Contents of this article: How does diabetes affect the eyes? Long-term uncontrolled diabetes can lead to high blood sugar levels that cause damage to small blood vessels over time. This damage can lead to problems with part of the eye called the retina which can create blurred vision. Short-term blurriness in people with diabetes is due to a different cause. Fluid shifts into and out of the eye due to high blood sugar levels, causing the lens of the eye to swell. This change in its shape causes blurriness as the lens is the part that focuses light onto the back of the eye. This short-term issue will resolve once blood sugar levels are lowered. Can diabetes treatment cause blurriness? Diabetes Continue reading >>

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  1. JohnnyRM

    Blurry vision

    Im having blurry vision but it comes and goes my average blood sugar is around 240 320 could that be the cause i just got diagnosed with type 2 last week im not sure ehat to do
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  2. Triv

    Welcome to DD, Johnny.
    Yes, I had blurry vision when I was diagnosed. I thought I needed new glasses but it was my high blood sugar and as soon as I got my bg under better control the blurred vision stopped.
    If I were you I'd bring this to the doctor's attention tho, and possibly see an eye doc for a full exam in order to be sure what is causing your blurred vision.

  3. Seagal

    Yes, high blood sugar can cause blurry and/or distorted vision. Please have your eyes examined to be sure.

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