Why Does A Wound Doesn T Heal When You Have Diabetes?

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What Can Be Done If A Wound Doesn't Heal In Someone With Diabetes?

If someone with diabetes has a wound that doesn't heal, he or she should talk with a doctor about it. The sooner the wound is properly managed, the less likely an extreme measure, such as an amputation, will be needed. Wound treatment techniques can include: antibiotics compression therapy debridement, or removal of dead or damaged tissue nutritional management pain management physical therapy special dressings or wraps hyperbaric oxygen therapy Trinity Health is a Catholic health care organization that acts in accordance with the Catholic tradition and does not condone or support all practices covered in this site. In case of emergency call 911. This site is educational and not a substitute for professional medical advice, always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider. Therapies such as angioplasty or bypass surgery are used to treat non-healing wounds in people with diabetes. Skin substitutes and growth-factor products manufactured in the lab also offer approaches to address the problem. Hyperbaric therapy, which infuses high-pressure oxygen into tissue to kill infectious bacteria and stimulate wound healing, is also an option for some people. An arterial-assist devic Continue reading >>

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  1. DeDeHarm

    Why does Epsom salt say " If you have diabetes consult physiciam before soaking in Epsom salts bath?

    Why does Epsom salt say " If you have diabetes consult physiciam before soaking in Epsom salts bath?

  2. DZ DzooBaby

    Diabetic skin is different than skin in folks without diabetes. They are just doing a CYA-cover your @$$! Diabetics can have slower healing of open areas, slower circulation and such so they are recommending discussing it with a physician just to cover themselves legally.

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