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Metformin Makes Headline News

Metformin is the first-line drug of choice in the treatment of type II diabetes. It was first approved in Europe in 1958.1 Americans had to wait until 1994 to legally obtain metformin.1 The holdup in approving metformin goes beyond the FDA. It is an indictment of a political/legal system that will forever cause needless suffering and death unless substantively changed. When Life Extension® informed Americans about drugs like metformin in the 1980s, the FDA did everything in its power to incarcerate me and shut down our Foundation.2 FDA propaganda at the time was that consumers needed to be "protected" against "unproven" therapies. As history has since proven, the result of the FDA's embargo has been unparalleled human carnage. So called "consumer protection" translated into ailing Americans being denied access to therapies that the FDA now claims are essential to saving lives. Today's major problem is not drugs available in other countries that Americans can't access. Instead, it is a political/legal system that suffocates medical innovation. Headline news stories earlier this year touted the anti-cancer effects of metformin, data that Foundation members were alerted to long ago.3 Continue reading >>

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  1. misslotty1

    I am type 1 and so is my brother. I have 3 children and am constantly looking out for diabetic symptoms. Diabetes runs in their dads side too. My youngest son had been poorly on and off for months, he is 2 and half. He suffers from enlarged tonsils and is thirsty all the time. The doctors all was say "its viral" sends us off sometimes with antibiotics. Last week he had convulsion . The paramedics tested his blood and it was 7.2. So I thought great but he is mildly poorly again. I tested his ketones today and it went dark, it was not pink, more grey/purple.
    Do I now panic ? Is this normal for a non diabetic?
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  2. Hellbunny

    Have you tested his sugar level since the ketones? Ketones aren't always 'bad' they can be caused by not drinking enough water and not eating enough carbs, maybe this is the case if he is poorly, hope everything is alright x
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  3. misslotty1

    I have just done it and it is 5.4. So I am happpy with that. Does that mean I can ignore the ketones? Im going to check them again when I lift him before I go to bed. He has definitely drunk enough, food/carbs probably not. Thank you so much for replying. X
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