Which Fruits Are Good For Diabetic Pregnant?

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Healthy Foods To Eat To Lower Blood Sugar While Pregnant

High blood sugar levels during pregnancy can lead to gestational diabetes, putting you and your developing baby at risk. During pregnancy, your body makes more insulin to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, but sometimes you don’t produce enough. Gestational diabetes may cause your baby to have breathing difficulties, jaundice, low blood sugar and obesity later in life. It puts you at risk for having a larger baby, which can lead to problems in the delivery room and high blood pressure. With diet and exercise, you may be able to control your blood sugar levels without taking insulin or medication. Video of the Day Carbohydrate-containing foods are ranked by how they affect your blood sugar levels, which is known as the glycemic index. High-glycemic index foods digest rapidly, raising blood sugar levels. They are usually refined and processed, such as white breads and rice, baked goods and many breakfast cereals. Low-glycemic index foods take longer to digest and help you avoid spikes in blood sugar. These are whole, natural foods like beans, seeds, whole grains such as oatmeal and barley, and fruits and vegetables. During pregnancy, avoid refined and processed foods and stick to Continue reading >>

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  1. HeatherGB

    Hi Everyone! I haven't been on here for a couple of years. I have a question for everyone though. I was diagnosed a type II diabetic a while back and I'm trying to lose weight and get my blood sugar under control. However, for years I have suffered from panic attacks intermittent Agoraphobia, keeping me in my house for months to year or more at a time. I prefer my house to the road, or to a mall, or restaurant or grocery store or anywhere

    And it all started with panic.
    I have lots of loss and PTSD, but I also read recently that diabetics apparently have an "adrenaline" release when their blood sugar drops too quickly. My sugar can sometimes drop from 180 down to 110 in the span of 5-10 minutes when I walk, or exercise etc... and after exercise I ALWAYS had panic attacks, which is another reason why I stopped walking and trying to lose weight by running/walking--severe panic reaction!
    Now, I know that not everyone on here has diabetes, and there are plenty of us with fight/flight reactions without diabetes, and I do not mean to discount any of that at all. I'm just personally curious how many of us have diabetes or potential hypoglycemia? If anyone out there has diabetes or hypoglycemia and doesn't mind sharing your story, I'm very interested.
    I think, for me, this has been a big find, since my doc put me on a special diet and my blood sugars are dropping I've had 3 more major panic attacks in the last few months. I mean the kind that keep me glued to my bed shaking and unable to calm down, and then glued to my house. Thank all of you for being here and at least just listening.

  2. mitzigirl

    Hey Heather I have diabetes myself and mine will also drop really low at times. When I have a drastic drop like that and have the hypoglycemia then I will shake uncontrollably feel faint and aweful of course that adds to panic which I already have so I try to do what I can to raise it up a little until those feelings subside because the more I feel bad from the drop the more it adds to anxiety and everything else.
    Mine is controlled by pills right now at one point I had to use insulin but thankfully do not at the moment. I do hope this helps in some small way it is hard!

  3. Kellychi

    When I had additional outside stress I was more prone to hyperglyciema. It was easy for me to control because I worked in a grocery store and could get something quick to bulk up on my blood sugar and stablize it so I didn't respike. Alot of my health issues are caused by PCOS as well so it's hard to tell what mental issues are contributing to my physical responses.
    I hope that others can confirm the corallation between the two cause it could be linked. That is what is wrong with the human body though everyone has a unique system though so it's not all or nothing when it comes to illness sidedishes.
    wow...I use a lot of metaphors in my posts.

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