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What Is The Specific Evidence That Diabetes Type Ii Is Genetic?

As Adriana Heguy noted in Adriana Heguy's answer to What is the specific evidence that diabetes type II is genetic? NIH has released Genetic Factors in Type 2 Diabetes which reads in part In rare forms of diabetes, mutations of one gene can result in disease. However, in type 2 diabetes, many genes are thought to be involved. "Diabetes genes" may show only a subtle variation in the gene sequence, and these variations may be extremely common. The difficulty lies in linking such common gene variations, known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), with an increased risk of developing diabetes. This means that while there is a relationship between some genes and Type 2 Diabetes, in the strict sense that your question is phrased, the condition is not heritable in the same sense as eye color, blood type, sickle cell trait, etc. There is no definitive answer to your question in its strictest sense. [The remainder of this answer was first posted as part of the comment thread to Adriana Heguy's answer to What is the specific evidence that diabetes type II is genetic? which included references to 23AndMe.] My understanding is that much of the genetics research to date has been in the ini Continue reading >>

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  1. jameshallam

    Hi all,
    After a particular vicious game of squash, I managed to quite badly bruise my big toe - so much so it had already turned black with in a couple of minutes of doing it.
    That was last Wednesday, I couldn't walk on it for the first 24 hours, the build up of blood underneath the nail was causing it to throb quite badly. Then, after fiddling with it for a bit, it started bleeding underneath the nail (quite alot!) and now it doesn't hurt as much
    I can walk fine, playing squash again tomorrow so I will see if i can still run/change direction without too much pain.
    It still 'weeps' a bit if i fiddle with the nail. I am expecting it to drop off sooner or later...
    So you have had the intro! I started wondering earlier that diabetics often have problems with their feet, I wondered if this could cause me problems? I haven't had T1 long, and have good BG control - on the flip side, I have never had any experience of foot problems or what to expect etc.
    Has anyone every had this happen to them before, any thing I should look out for?
    I haven't been to my doctor or DSN, is it worth a visit or not worth the hassle?

  2. catherinecherub

    Hi James,
    IMHO you should get your toe seen to by a professional. It may get better on it's own but it may get worse. You cannot see what is going on under that nail. You may need some antibiotics. Better to be safe than sorry.

  3. candyfloss

    I'm T2. Same thing happened to me about 5 months ago when I was playing badminton probably due to wearing a pair of worn socks and old shoes. Anyhow big toenail went black, but didnt bleed. Saw the doctor and she said it will heal. Very slowly it has. Happened to a friend of mine and he said it took almost a year for it to heal completely.
    If its worry, go and see your doctor for reassurance.

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