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Diabetes: Color Tattoos Can Help

Tattoos That Change Color Could Help People with Diabetes Researchers are developing tattoos that change color in response to changing sodium and blood sugar levels. This could make life easier for diabetes patients. Tattoos of the future may be much more than just decorative statements. They may be able to tell you whats happening inside your body. A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Harvard Medical School, have developed tattoo ink that changes color in response to changes in the body. Three different inks have been developed that change color in response to changing pH levels, sodium levels, and blood sugar levels. Although the project, called Dermal Abyss , is in the earliest stages of research, the applications of the technology could be broad. The concept of utilizing biosensing tattoos offers an attractive alternative for health monitoring in vivo for a range of medical complications, including diabetes, acidosis, alkalosis, electrolyte imbalance, and hypertension, the researchers write. The ink that senses changes in blood sugar turns from blue to brown as blood sugar levels rise. It could be particularly useful for people living Continue reading >>

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