Where To Buy Diabetic Tattoo Ink

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Get Some Ink, Save Your Life Diabetes

Diabetes affects everybody. We all know someone who has it if we dont have it ourselves. Whether a family member, a friend, or a co-worker, you can pretty much bet that theres someone in your life that has a type of diabetes. But yet, there isnt much comfort for those with this, particularly cruel disease. Day in and day out, they have to continue to measure and document their insulin levels, never letting it drop below or rise above a particular number. These measurements are generally done through a blood test, meaning the afflicted has to prick their finger several times daily to test their blood with a hand monitor in order to ensure adequate, safe glucose levels. Not doing so can be disastrous for their health. But, you would think there would be an easier wayespecially given modern technology and advances. What if I told you that there may be a unique, fun, and funky way to monitor your blood levels on the way that didnt involve daily finger pricks? While the upcoming method does involve a needle, it only involves a one-time session, not daily punctures. If you havent guessed, the method Im referring to takes place in the form of a tattoo: a glucose monitoring tattoo. If it Continue reading >>

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  1. qweregfdsfd

    How does diabetes come about? Do you just start feeling shitty one day out of no where? Or is it a gradual progress over months?

  2. [deleted]

    You don't just suddenly "know" that you have diabetes. You have to get diagnosed. That can be because of a variety of reasons. In my case, it was because of high blood sugar in a number of blood tests I had because of suspected immunodeficiency. A doctor noticed the pattern, sent me to hospital, they did a lot more blood tests, told me I have diabetes, did more blood tests, told me I have type 1.

  3. SoilNectarHoney

    My doctor said, "You have diabetes."

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In this video I show you what you can do with tattoo kit cheap garbage ink and then I use professional ink and tattoo with it!! Shout outs at the end of this video!!! Show some love and Sub to the channel..!!! Why I went to prison FULL STORY: https://youtu.be/7ECgj1NzG_8 WRITE TO AFTERPRISONSHOW Po Box 6113 Chesapeake Va. 23323 https://www.facebook.com/afterprison Instagram: joepguerrero Twitter: @joepguerrero SnapChat: AfterPrisonShow PSN: joepguerrero Patreon.com/AfterPrisonShow For business inquiries: [email protected]

Tattoo Ink Monitors Blood Glucose Levels

Cambridge, Massachusetts Draper Laboratory has developed a special tattoo ink that changes colors based on a persons blood sugar levels. As CrunchGears resident diabetic and as someone who lives right down the street from Draper, Id say that Im quite interested in something like this. Now I just need to think up an awesome tattoo design. The ink was first developed to keep tabs on heart health and electrolyte levels in athletes but after the process proved to be too complicated, Draper scientist Heather Clark turned to using the ink to detect glucose levels instead. According to Discovery News : The nano ink particles are tiny, squishy spheres about 120 nanometers across. Inside the sphere are three parts: the glucose detecting molecule, a color-changing dye, and another molecule that mimics glucose. When the particles are dissolved in water they look like food coloring, says Clark. The three parts continuously move around the inside the hydrophobic orb. When they approach the surface, the glucose detecting molecule either grabs a molecule of glucose or the mimicking molecule. If the molecules mostly latch onto glucose, the ink appears yellow. If glucose levels are low, the molecu Continue reading >>

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  1. jupton1

    STRESS OR ANXIETY ,the effect it can cause

    Stress results when something causes your body to behave as if it were under attack. Sources of stress can be physical, like injury or illness. Or they can be mental, like problems in your marriage, job, health, or finances.
    When stress occurs, the body prepares to take action. This preparation is called the fight-or-flight response. In the fight-or-flight response, levels of many hormones shoot up. Their net effect is to make a lot of stored energy - glucose and fat - available to cells. These cells are then primed to help the body get away from danger.
    In people who have diabetes, the fight-or-flight response does not work well. Insulin is not always able to let the extra energy into the cells, so glucose piles up in the blood.
    Many sources of stress are not short-term threats. For example, it can take many months to recover from surgery. Stress hormones that are designed to deal with short-term danger stay turned on for a long time. As a result, long-term stress can cause long-term high blood glucose levels.
    Many long-term sources of stress are mental. Your mind sometimes reacts to a nondangerous event as if it were a real threat. Like physical stress, mental stress can be short term - from taking a test to getting stuck in a traffic jam. It can also be long term: from working for a demanding boss to taking care of an aging parent. In mental stress, the body pumps out hormones to no avail. Neither fighting nor fleeing is any help when the "enemy" is your own mind.

  2. TellT

    I've been looking for information about sugar drops under stress. Really, I'm sick of others telling me how my body reacts, feels, pain levels, or does. Doctors and others keep telling me my sugars "must" rise, I'm hypo, under stress, more hypo. Wrong, mine drops severely and did just that again last evening when confronted with a dangerous situation. Worsened when the battery on my meter failed. I think science or all these doctors, professionals, who claim to be gods and claim all absolutes many times have it wrong. This is not the only issue that must disagree with them on, and that they have put me in very un-healthy situations, or not allowed treatments/meds cause they think they know me, my body, or what may work for me. The VA is absolutely horrible about this since their health care means.. one size fits all.
    They also tested, supposedly, my adrenal and said all was fine then, but that was at a time when I wasn't having issues. I also cannot have some event happen at will so they can see it. I have also known people with the same issue. My father's sugar does rise when stressed or hyped up, and stays there for quite a while. I really wish people and ego trippers or so-called professionals would cease spouting off absolutes or telling people to get on anti-depressants or something stupid just because we may be different and not having systems they are brain-washed to call absolutes when dealing with a variety of people and various issues.

  3. marla3300

    I want to know if anyone else has extreme high sugar levels when under stress. Because of my stress at work it often goes into the 500 range, but as soon as I am away from my stress, it drops down to close to normal and then after my injections, it will become normal or low.

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Bio-sensing Tattoo Ink To Monitors Glucose And Ph Levels

AARP Membership: Join or Renew for Just$16a Year The project is the result of a collaboration between MIT researchers Katia Vega, Xin Liu, Viirj Kan and Nick Barry and Harvard Medical School researchers Ali Yetisen and Nan Jiang. While there are no current plans to develop DermalAbyss as a product or pursue clinical trials, they hope that the positive response from the media and the public will inspire drug companies and other research industries to push forward with the work they began. The purpose of the work is to light the imagination of biotechnologists and stimulate public support for such efforts, Vega says. Such a tattoo could be particularly useful for patients who have to continuously monitor medical issues such as diabetes. Currently, diabetics typically monitor glucose levels by piercing the skin, sometimes as often as 10 times per day.With DermalAbyss, the researchersforeseea time when the painful procedure is replaced with a tattoo thatchanges color based on insulin need. In addition to glucose, the team explored a sodium biosensor tattoo that could signal changes in hydration levels , and one for pH levels, which measure the balance of acid and alkaline in your body Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. BASIC

    hey every one thought i would see what you all think about this.
    i got the bad news a few moths back i have type 2 diabetes. i have really went down hill on my working out due to feeling like shit..but i have got things going and im doing good with my sugar shit. and im ready to hit the weights....i have been off working out for 3 1/2 mo. now..i also have low test.or the cool low T'as some call it. im doing 300 mg shots of test cypionate every 2 weeks.
    so im giveing my self time to get going and back into working out for a few months. but i am wanting to do the blast and cruse cycle 500 mg a week of test cypionate for 12 weeks. and drop back down to the 300 mg every 2 weeks for 12 weeks. now this will be my first cycle. now ill try to do my cycle in about 5 months from now..
    now i have looked for some info about Using anabolic steroids when haveing type 2 diabetes. and not have not found to much out there. so i need to get some feed back from what you all think. all i know is to get all my gear in order and take it one week at a time and see how it go's. so there might be a few of you on here that have type 2 diabetes and are useing and is working for you. could you give me a little info on whats working for you and how you are doing.
    so ppl hit me up and tell me what u think.....also getting back to my diet.. got to keep my shit in check now....

  2. danieljohnson

    Eating watercress regularly can help us prevent diabetes. With the presence of alpha-lipoic acid in its content, one of top health benefits of watercress is to promote the diabetes treatment.
    This antioxidant is effective to reduce your glucose levels, raise the insulin sensitivity as well as protect diabetic patients from oxidative stress .
    Research on the effectiveness of alpha-lipoic acid indicated that it might reduce peripheral neuropathy.
    Click this link to get more information: https://wikihomenutrition.com/watercress-health-benefits/

  3. Deviss

    hello man. have some questions. are you using insulin? if yes, do you use it more often while training? what about during the cycle?

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