Where Can I Get A Free Blood Sugar Test

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Changes To Pharmacare Coverage - Blood Glucose Test Strips

Clinical studies continue to show that frequent blood-sugar testing for persons with Type II Diabetes is unnecessary and for those with Type I Diabetes (insulin-dependent), testing frequency should follow clinical guidelines. Effective June 15, 2017, the Manitoba government is making changes to Pharmacare and Employment and Income Assistance coverage for blood glucose test strips. The changes will more closely align with guidelines endorsed by Diabetes Canada. The new coverage levels include: 3650 test strips a year if a patient uses insulin; 400 test strips a year if a patient uses an oral diabetes agent with higher risk of hypoglycemia; 200 test strips a year if a patient uses oral diabetes agent with lower risk of hypoglycemia or manages diabetes with diet and exercise alone. Patients will also be able to access additional test strips if medically necessary. Frequently-Asked Questions Why is this change being made? Clinical studies continue to demonstrate that routine self-monitoring of blood glucose levels does not significantly improve the conditions of most patients with non-insulin treated, Type 2 diabetes. Additionally, Diabetes Canada, a national organization that supports Continue reading >>

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  1. ellfa1

    Free test strips?

    UPDATE: We have an article listing contact information for free diabetes supplies!
    Hi. I'm new to diabetes and recently when I attempted to get more strips, I was denied as my insurance wouldn't cover it. Apparently they only cover what is prescribed. Since I was prescribed in the hospital, I believe I received a standard prescription which was generic to my personal needs. I am wondering if anyone knows any insider info to receive strips for free. I am a little worried as i won't be able to measure my sugar until sunday and do not have the means otherwise to obtain test strips. Any help helps!

  2. David

    Ellfa, welcome to the community! I don't know of any way to get free strips. If you live in the USA, I would call your regular doctor and get a prescription that will be covered by your insurance ASAP. Without a prescription, you won't be able to get strips. If you're outside of the US, we're outside of my expertise (and I use that word loosely when it comes to pharmaceutical laws!)

  3. ellfa1

    i tried that step and was told that they were unable to help out. I'm not sure as to where to go or what to do at this point, but i'm just going to give my base dose (as I am on a sliding scale) and hope for the best. My sugar has been OK so far, so I assume it will remain that way if I follow my diet. Thanks for you help!

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