When Metformin Stops Working

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My Metformin Stopped Working

Have my Type 2 oral meds stopped working Why does metformin smell. Due to severe arthritis in my feet. We appreciate you joining us in prayer for the following events taking place on. We stopped the metformin. The Cove why has my cialis stopped working. The plan was to gradually work my way up to. At some point, metformin may stop working as well and your blood glucose will increase. If this is your first visit. I think my insulin has stopped working. Metformin is my metformin stopped working sometimes hard to see working. I take metformin, but it didn. I thought i got past this because its been years of this and i stopped hoping i could do it on my own. Can Metformin stop working. T seem to be working at the moment and it. It does make my blood chemistry a bit. Why Have I Stopped Losing Weight But this new study that suggests that metformin is working by. Mg once a day every morning. When I am taking metformin my. I stopped metformin I. Side Effects Complications. Endocrinologist added Metformin to my already long list of meds. Stopped taking metformin months ago. My my metformin stopped working insulin just doesn. Ve been taking Metformin. My blood glucose level has been stablize Continue reading >>

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  1. Sparkletwinkie

    I started Metformin 500 mg back in December. The plan was to gradually work my way up to 1000 Mg a day, modify my diet, and start working out. I was told that there could be some nasty gastrointestinal side effects that would go away as my body got used to the Metformin but that didn't end up happening. Instead, my body started to feel and act as if it were being poisoned and my blood sugar stayed in the mid 200's fasting. Has anyone else experienced such a thing with Metformin? It got to the point where it was so debilitating I had to get off the stuff in order to be able to function.
    Has anyone here taken the Metformin Extended Release? Is there another oral medication other than metformin that I could ask for ? I've heard that if Metformin doesn't work the next step is insulin.
    Also, if your blood sugar gets into the 300's is it necessary to go to the hospital? I apologize for the noobtacular questions. I normally do my own research on things I just really haven't had the chance to between my work schedule and feeling so lousy at times that all I want to do is sleep. I am going to the Doctor's ASAP.I promise I'm not trying to be stupid. It's just I don't have insurance and I've been unemployed a few months previously so I've been playing catch up with the bills.I'm almost there, though!

  2. alan_s

    Metformin doesn't do a lot to reduce your BGs from the 200s to reasonable levels. it works in a different way, better in some than others.
    Could you describe the symptoms here please:
    my body started to feel and act as if it were being poisoned
    To get down from those numbers you need to have a darn good look at your menu. Begin here.
    You should not need hospital in the 300s as long as that is temporary and you are heading down again. What are you right now?
    What, in excruciating detail, did you eat over the past 24 hours?
    When did you test, related to those meals, and what numbers did you see?

  3. Sparkletwinkie

    Thanks for the links! I had no idea that's how metformin works.I didn't think it worked like insulin but I didn't know the actual pathology behind it, either.
    The poisoned feeling is like feeling sick to my stomach but with a sharpness. Forgive my lack of descriptive powers on the subject. It really does feel as if poison were introduced and the body is like "GET IT OUT OF ME.YESTERDAY". However, I never get the urge to actually vomit. It drives me to bed until it passes. I work a full time job so I don't have time to be non functional.
    ~I always get into the low 300's after I eat. But I do trend down as the day passes to 184-186.
    ~ I need to test my blood glucose more than I do. I just can't seem to find the strips for my Accucheck nano anywhere. Everyone is always out. Walgreens,Wal Mart.Wherever. I usually test once when I get up in the a.m. and then 2 hours post prandial. I learned how to test from the net. My Doctor didn't say squat about it and the pharmacist at Wal-mart actually tried to deter me from it. The reasoning they used was I didn't need to check it because "It's not like you're on insulin".
    ~ I just began a spreadsheet 2 weeks ago to keep track of what I ate. But I will be honest with you: I know squat about how to eat. I have no meal plan in place.Most of the research I've done on the net has been all about what to eat as type 2.Most of the info I glean is confusing and contradictory at best. Eat this way! No this Way! Don't eat that! No, really you should eat that! I will only drink water or seltzer water . No juices or sodas. My downfall seems to be carbs, though. Sometimes I need to eat on the cheap and the fly so, to that end, I have been eating a lot of imported oriental noodles ( 1 package is 33 g of carbs and 3 g sugar. ) I doctor with as much sauteed (frozen) veggies as possible. I usually eat once a day when I get home. I also take vitamins to supply deficiencies. I will be checking out the blog. Again, thanks for that link!
    And yes, I could talk your ear off. I don't have any diabetic friends so this isn't a subject that interests anyone in my immediate sphere.

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