What Other Diseases Can Type 2 Diabetes Cause?

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Is Type 2 Diabetes An Autoimmune Disease?

Type 2 diabetes is in the process of being redefined as an autoimmune disease rather than just a metabolic disorder, said an author of a new study published in Nature Medicine this week, the findings of which may lead to new diabetes treatments that target the immune system instead of trying to control blood sugar. As part of the study the researchers showed that an antibody called anti-CD20, which targets and eliminates mature B cells in the immune system, stopped diabetes type 2 developing in lab mice prone to develop the disease, and restored their blood sugar level to normal. Anti-CD20, available in the US under the trade names Rituxan and MabThera, is already approved as a treatment for some autoimmune diseases and blood cancers in humans, but more research is needed to see if it will work against diabetes in humans. The researchers believe that insulin resistance, the hallmark of type 2 diabetes (unlike type 1 diabetes where it is the insulin-producing cells that are destroyed), is the result of B cells and other immune cells attacking the body's own tissues. Co-first author Daniel Winer, now an endocrine pathologist at the University Health Network of the University of Toron Continue reading >>

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  1. Momof3mjd

    Diabetes, Type 2 - I have cut out all breads, flours, sugar, bad starches (corn,potatoes, rices?

    ... etc). Been doing a low carb diet but still seeing a high fasting number in the morning of 170 or so. I take 1000 mg of metformin at night with dinner. I do drink lots of crystal light can that be the cause of my raised blood sure?

  2. KA kaismama

    You should drink allot of water. It isn't only carbs that can raise your blood sugar and the fact that its up after you haven't eaten in a while says its something other then carbs doing that. All foods can raise your blood sugar, its just that carbs hit your blood stream faster. Fats and proteins take longer to metabolize. Everything we eat eventually turns to sugar We have to also be aware of calories, because of those things we don't think turns to sugar. And stay away from things that say dietetic or no sugar. The biggest laugh in the grocery store is sugar-free jelly, that fruit has more sugar in it, and in the form that goes straight into our blood stream.

  3. MO Momof3mjd

    I really have only been eatting meat and veggies (green veggies and cauliflower) plus lettuce. I have not had any fruits in 2 weeks. My doctor suggested I try adding another 500 of metformin in the morning so going to try tomorrow and see how it goes. Since going low carb I have lost 10 lbs and try to exercise 3 times a week at least. All the sites I have been reading say I can have crystal light. I drink about 3 liters a day of water and crystal light. What do you think could keep it raised at fasting levels?

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