What Kind Of Alcohol Can Diabetics Drink?

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Low Sugar Alcoholic Drinks For Diabetics & The Effect Of Alcohol On Diabetes

Alcohol and diabetes can be two things that don’t go well together. Alcohol is basically a simple sugar that is processed like table sugar and will, of course, raise the diabetic’s blood sugar. This doesn’t mean that diabetics don’t have the opportunity to drink at all. There are many low sugar alcoholic drinks that diabetics can make use of that will be similar to the high-sugar drinks non-diabetics can drink but will have a lesser effect on the blood sugar. Most experts say that it’s perfectly okay for a type 1 or type 2 diabetic to have a beer or two, or a glass of wine with their meal and won’t face any major complication as long as they are otherwise vigilant about taking care of their blood sugar and don’t have other health problems, such as hypertension, which may be adversely affected by drinking too much. According to the American Diabetes Association, one alcoholic beverage a day—even for diabetics—may have benefits for their heart although it isn’t necessarily recommended that a diabetic patient start drinking alcohol if they don’t already drink some form of alcohol. Research has borne out the fact that small amounts of alcohol in diabetics can actu Continue reading >>

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  1. Donna1

    What is the best alcoholic drinks to have when type 1! I drink beer, miller coors light n would normally go on to morgans lemonade after a few but as nowhere sells diet lemonade n diet coke with morgans i cant drink! Since diagnosis i drink bottled beer on nites out but sick of it after a few now! What can i drink?
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  2. this is too difficult

    I think all beers are out. Red wine seems to be a favourite but I'm no expert. I have the odd whisky but I think it all catches up with you the next day. If you are T1 you will be on medication so might be different for you.

  3. diabeticdancer

    Vodka and sparkling water is my choice of drink. Low cal and no carbs
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