What Is Type 1 Diabetes

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Pregnancy With Type 1 Diabetes

Forty five years ago when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I was clearly told I couldn’t have children. I didn’t. Today, thankfully that advice is no longer given. And while a woman with Type 1 diabetes needs to take precautions, she can absolutely, and safely, have a healthy baby. I sat down for an interview with Ginger Vieira, co-author,with Jennifer Smith, of the recent book, Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes: Your Month-to-Month Guide to Blood Sugar Management. What will people find in the book? As much information as you possibly need to understand why your blood sugars fluctuate during pregnancy and how to adjust your insulin management to keep your blood sugars as close to non-diabetic levels as possible. Also the book covers preparing for pregnancy, months one through nine of your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum, including the challenges of breastfeeding for a woman with type 1 diabetes. My co-author Jenny is also my diabetes pregnancy coach. As a certified diabetes educator, woman with type 1 diabetes and mother, she knows this journey inside and out. What makes pregnancy for a woman with type 1 diabetes challenging? Let’s face it, a normal day with type 1 diabe Continue reading >>

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  1. Ernest W. Adams

    It doesn't matter whether you're an ex-pat or not, as long as you're in the country legally. I don't have Type 1 diabetes, but from my experience of the NHS I would expect it to be very proactive. One thing about universal health care: they have a strong motivation to give good preventive care. A diabetes diagnosis means that you will get all your prescriptions free, even any that are nothing to do with diabetes. You will also get annual retinopathy screening, and twice a year checkups with a diabetes specialist to make sure that you aren't losing circulation in your feet and so on. All free, of course.

  2. Zoe Bremer

    Generally very good, though some GPs aren’t very clued-up. As long as you register with an endocrinologist at a teaching hospital, you’ll get excellent care, including the services of specialist nurses and dietitians.

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