What Is The Best Thing For Diabetics?

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Best Snacks For People With Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes can lead to a wide range of symptoms including high blood pressure, circulation issues, kidney damage, blindness, and skin problems. But the right diet can help manage these symptoms. Healthful snacks for people with diabetes can keep blood sugar in check. They may also help reduce the severity of diabetes symptoms such as high blood pressure. Eating right can feel daunting, particularly at first, but people with diabetes can continue enjoying a wide range of snacks. Foods high in protein High-protein foods include nuts, legumes, animal products such as eggs and cheese, and alternatives to meat such as tofu and mushrooms. Healthful snacks for people with diabetes that are satisfying and rich in protein include: roasted chickpeas apples or celery with almond butter almonds, walnuts, or pistachios trail mix, particularly if it doesn't contain sweetened ingredients hard-boiled eggs plain yogurt, particularly Greek yogurt low-sodium cottage cheese mixed with fresh fruit diced avocado and cherry tomatoes snap peas or other raw veggies with hummus Several of these options can work well as both sweet and savory snacks. Honey-roasted chickpeas provide a good balance of sweet and s Continue reading >>

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  1. Sandisue

    One more silly question. My ears are ringing off the hook. I went to the Dr. today and she said I had a little fluid in them and a little sinus infection. She gave me antibiotics and will see me in 10 days. Does this ringing ever stop? Is there anything else I can do to make this better? Plus I have to worry about the antibiotics now giving me yeast infections. My mouth is finally doing much better, and I'm so afraid that the sores are going to come back. If its not one thing its another...No wonder we suffer from depression....

  2. cremer

    My father has had ringing in his ears for about a year now. His seen a ENT specialist and I think a brain specialist. He has had MRI. Cat Scan and x-rays and all his sinuses are clear. He has a few marks on the brain cannot remember the technical term but the specialists do not know the cause of the ringing.
    I hope yours stops soon as I know it's horrible to go through it.

  3. tired of it

    Even since my immune system tanked,,ANY wntibiotic turns my tongue black , imagine what its doing to the rest of teh stomach lot of causes of ear ringing, mine comes and goes,,but from what i have read,, its brain noise, something to do with the inner ear and some kind of loop between ear and brain,, I hate antibiotics,, Doctors prescribe them to often andhave no idea what tehre treating,, its like putting antifreeze instead of oil in your car because thats all you have,

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