What Is Metformin Used For Other Than Diabetes?

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Non-diabetic Weight Loss With Metformin

Metformin is a medication that normally is used in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes mellitus. This medication is in the antihyperglyemic drug class, meaning that it counteracts glucose in the blood. While the Food and Drug Administration has not approved metformin for weight loss in the United States, some physicians are starting to utilize this medication in an off-label manner to decrease weight in overweight or obese patients. Several studies are underway analyzing the use of metformin for weight-loss, and more studies are needed before FDA approval. Video of the Day Decreased Hepatic Glucose Production Metformin decreases the amount of sugar that is created by the liver, according to findings from the Glaser Obesity Study, conducted by the Glaser Pediatric Research Network. If you haven't eaten in some period of time and your blood sugar becomes too low, your liver can compensate by creating and releasing sugar into the blood. Insulin is then secreted to compensate, and stores this sugar as fat in adipose tissue. When metformin decreases the amount of sugar released by the liver, the pancreas does not have to release extra insulin, thus reducing fat production and storage. Metf Continue reading >>

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  1. craigmont1

    is metformin have uses for people who doesn't have diabeties?

    i'm taking metformin for higher insulin they want my insulin super high because i'm 17. they did this test where they took blood every 30 mins. they made me drink this bitter liquid and took blood from me. they said i'm not diabetic but i'm taking metformin. is metformin use for other uses?

  2. jwags

    It sounds like you are insulin resistant which if not controlled can lead to Type 2 diabetes. One of the things metformin does is to make you more sensitive to your own insulin. It works best if you limit the amount of carbs you eat and do some type of exercise daily.

  3. furball64801

    Yes metformin can be used for other things, the information you gave doesnt give details but it sounds like you have some issue.

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