What Is Checked For Diabetes?

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Print Symptoms of type 1 diabetes often appear suddenly and are often the reason for checking blood sugar levels. Because symptoms of other types of diabetes and prediabetes come on more gradually or may not be evident, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) has recommended screening guidelines. The ADA recommends that the following people be screened for diabetes: Anyone with a body mass index higher than 25, regardless of age, who has additional risk factors, such as high blood pressure, a sedentary lifestyle, a history of polycystic ovary syndrome, having delivered a baby who weighed more than 9 pounds, a history of diabetes in pregnancy, high cholesterol levels, a history of heart disease, and having a close relative with diabetes. Anyone older than age 45 is advised to receive an initial blood sugar screening, and then, if the results are normal, to be screened every three years thereafter. Tests for type 1 and type 2 diabetes and prediabetes Glycated hemoglobin (A1C) test. This blood test indicates your average blood sugar level for the past two to three months. It measures the percentage of blood sugar attached to hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells. Continue reading >>

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  1. Richknowbody

    List of non-starchy vegetables.

    I mentioned a list of Vegetables the Dietitian whose class I attended, gave me a list of 30 vegetables I could eat unlimited quantity of. People asked me to list it, and I couldn't find it.
    This looks like the same list she gave me, but I have not found it yet. I will just have to ask her for another copy.
    It was a small book really, and it gave different foods and the quantities you can eat them in. These vegetables were listed in the unlimited quantity. I hate being hungry after I eat, so I loved seeing that.
    Amaranth or Chinese spinach
    Artichoke hearts
    Baby corn
    Bamboo shoots
    Beans (green, wax, Italian)
    Bean sprouts
    Brussels sprouts
    Cabbage (green, bok choy, Chinese)
    Coleslaw (packaged, no dressing)
    Greens (collard, kale, mustard, turnip)
    Hearts of palm
    Pea pods
    Salad greens (chicory, endive, escarole, lettuce, romaine, spinach, arugula, radicchio, watercress)
    Squash (cushaw, summer, crookneck, zucchini)
    Sugar snap peas
    Swiss chard
    Water chestnuts
    Yard-long beans
    Fellow diabetic, Rich

  2. Kathae

    Hi could you tell me why baby corn as opposed to regular corn? Also do you know what vinegar does to your blood sugar? I like a lot of veggies soaked in vinegar and water as opposed to salad dressings but I am not sure if it is on my do not eat list.

  3. Gabby

    Vinegar is a great food for diabetics as it tends to lower our numbers. So have at it. It also is great for energy boosting.
    Baby corn is usually canned and in the Chinese food section. They are so young that you eat the entire thing, cob and all. I love them. Maybe this is my way to have my corn. Otherwise it pretty much kills my numbers.

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