What Is Adrenal Diabetes

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How Blood Sugar Affects The Adrenals & Endocrine System

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Let’s discuss why correcting blood sugar imbalances first is critical to successfully managing any adrenal or endocrine issues. There seem to be a lot of women that have not yet understood how important getting their blood sugar regulated is to their overall hormonal health. Obviously, other factors come into play such as digestion/microbial balance, environment/toxins, heredity and so on. However, addressing blood sugar can be a first and foremost hurdle to overcome in order to begin to set the endocrine system up for recovery and balance. The adrenal glands play a role in blood sugar regulation via the glucocorticoids. Glucocorticoids are hormones released by the adrenal glands used in glucose metabolism. For the adrenals to take part in blood sugar it’s because of an emergency. In the presence of stress, your adrenal glands will release cortisol. Cortisol stimulates several processes that all work together to increase and maintain normal blood sugar levels, to meet your body’s demands for energy. When the adrenals trigger due to stress, this is when the catecholamines kick in. Such as, adren Continue reading >>

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  1. Lynnw

    Book: Type 2 Diabetes: The Adrenal Gland Disease

    By Marcia Ruth Roper. I finally got a copy of this book. It's actually an older book (2006) so the research isn't up-to-date.
    She's a CDE, but seems to really understand the science, and dumbs it down so we can all understand . She doesn't accept that diabetes just happens and is incurable. Her theory is that all Type 2 diabetes can be traced back to adrenal problems. I doubt if that's true for everyone, but it probably is for me. She has long explanations of the science, and goes through case studies (she worked with Native Americans on a reservation). She tests all the adrenal hormones and shows that it's not just the absolute levels (they can all be in the 'normal' range), but the ratios that are out of balance. According to her, any one of the hormones can be out of range or out of balance and cause blood sugar problems (cortisol and the sex hormones are the only ones regularly tested). Some of the tests (like for deoxycorticosterone) are not common and expensive. There's not much point in spending money on the testing, though, because if its an imbalance, the treatment is the same no matter what's out of whack....good diet, no caffeine or other stimulants, adrenal-supporting supplements. There are some medications, but diet is the only way to actually repair adrenals, and it can take time.
    There's also the possibility (which she doesn't discuss in the book) of pituatary or adrenal tumors, which cause an excess of cortisol...I've been trying not to consider that possibility. It doesn't always have to be to the level of Cushings symdrome to cause problems; even a slight increase in cortisol can cause problems, and the biggest problem it causes is high, uncontrolable blood sugar (plus the damage of constant high cortisol levels). The only solution to that is to remove the tumor and maybe part or all of the organ it is in . Perhaps I need to take the all-day cortisol test to rule this out.

  2. foxl

    Interesting. The book is panned on Amazon (and even used is 45 bucks!). Caffeine however seems to be problematic for me -- at least mildly -- so her theory is of interest to me.

  3. Lynnw

    Originally Posted by foxl
    Interesting. The book is panned on Amazon (and even used is 45 bucks!). Caffeine however seems to be problematic for me -- at least mildly -- so her theory is of interest to me. I've been watching the used books at Amazon for months, and finally a $23 used copy showed up and I bought it right away
    . I don't usually pay that much for used books, but I'd read all the excerpts from this book and it really interested me. I have 'adrenal issues' and it's difficult to find much on the internet about the link between adrenals and diabetes. There used to actually be a classification of diabetes called "adrenaline diabetes"...high blood sugar caused by excess adrenal hormones. I'm almost positive that is what I have, but it's not even mentioned in modern literature. This book discusses it, but doesn't say much about what to DO about it, except dietary recommendations--the usual low-carb, avoid sugar and starches, etc AND avoid caffeine (I've been eating stricter than she recommends anyway).

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