What Insulins Can Be Mixed Together In One Syringe?

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Insulin: How To Give A Mixed Dose

Many people with diabetes need to take insulin to keep their blood glucose in a good range. This can be scary for some people, especially for the first time. The truth is that insulin shots are not painful because the needles are short and thin and the insulin shots are placed into fatty tissue below the skin. This is called a subcutaneous (sub-kyu-TAY-nee-us) injection. In some cases, the doctor prescribes a mixed dose of insulin. This means taking more than one type of insulin at the same time. A mixed dose allows you to have the benefits of both short-acting insulin along with a longer acting insulin — without having to give 2 separate shots. Usually, one of the insulins will be cloudy and the other clear. Some insulins cannot be mixed in the same syringe. For instance, never mix Lantus or Levemir with any other solution. Be sure to check with your doctor, pharmacist, or diabetes educator before mixing. These instructions explain how to mix two different types of insulin into one shot. If you are giving or getting just one type of insulin, refer to the patient education sheet Insulin: How to Give a Shot. What You Will Need Bottles of insulin Alcohol swab, or cotton ball moiste Continue reading >>

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  1. ginski326

    Mixing N & R in same syringe

    My doctor just switched me to a 100 unit syringe. I usually do 2 injections - N & R. Now I can do only one if I put them both in the bigger syringe. Does it matter what order they go in?

  2. furball64801

    I have to ask are you taking both at the same time, did I miss something is your dose high enough you cant take more than one injection per day. Do you also not have more than one syringe you can use, I dont know that they are to big mixed insulins.

  3. ginski326

    I take 50 units of NPH and 10 units of R before breakfast & dinner. It said on the box they gave me of these new syringes that if you're mixing insulins, check with your dr. Can't contact him til Mon

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